Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II's lady-in-waiting, Mary Morrison, fell down the stairs during their outing. Pictured: The Queen wearing the maple leaf brooch inherited from her mother, has been released for Canada Day (July 1) to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation, on July 1, 2017. Getty Images/Ian Leslie Macdonald

Queen Elizabeth II was shocked at the sight of her lady-in-waiting, the Honorable Mary Morrison, falling down the stairs while at a party.

Katie Harris, a journalist for Express, spoke to a source that said the 81-year-old staff almost sent Her Majesty flying when she tripped down the stairs. Following the incident, the monarch was left shocked and worried.

Morrison was rushed to a hospital in Aberdeen following the incident. But she has already returned to the castle to continue serving the Queen. Morrison is also in crutches at the moment.

The Queen and Morrison have a very close relationship with each other since the latter has served the former since 1960. In 2013, Morrison was made a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, an award given for personal service to Her Majesty.

Prince Philip was also given a similar recognition after he was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order last year.

Morrison’s accident also came while the Queen is enjoying her summer break in Balmoral. The 92-year-old has been joined by members of the royal family to church in the estate on Sundays. But even though she’s currently on break, the Queen still has a very busy schedule.

In related news, a video of a young Queen playing with her eldest son, Prince Charles, has just surfaced online. In the black and white clip, the doting mom is seen pushing Prince Charles in his pram. The baby sits up and looks straight into the camera giving the public a glimpse of how he looks like.

Prince Philip, who was also with them during the outing, reaches out to Prince Charles and carries him. The next scene shows the Queen sitting on a blanket that’s laid out on the grass with Prince Charles. A young Prince Charles sneezes a couple of times which makes his mom giggle.

In the final footage, Prince Charles pulls his mom’s pearl necklace while the Queen is carrying him.