On Wednesday morning, Queen Elizabeth II visited the Royal British Legion Industries' village, which is a charity that shows support in various ways for veterans and their families. During her time there, the organization buried a time capsule to celebrate their centenary year and the monarch herself even included something in it.

According to Town & Country, Her Majesty included a "touching letter" in the container before it was sealed and buried. "Today is a moment of celebration, but also a time of reflection on the sacrifices the Armed Forces make in times of need," read her letter.

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Talia Sherrin-Gates, a research manager at the RBLI who was responsible for assembling the capsule, revealed that she felt the Queen had been "very happy with the selection of items" included and was "very happy that we've commemorated the day." A booklet that included stories, a commemorative coin, and a newspaper were also buried with her letter.

As reported by Express, upon her arrival at the event, she was greeted by dozens of well-wishers who were waving flags and chanting "God save the Queen."

The time capsule is set to be opened in 100 years by future residents of the village.

Queen Elizabeth
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is pictured during a visit to the Science Museum on March 7, 2019, in London. Simon Dawson/AFP/Getty Images