Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were quite close as kids. But just like any other sibling, they also got into huge fights.

Even though they are both members of the royal family, they lived quite normal and healthy lives when they were still children. But every now and then, they would hurt each other physically.

In the book “The Little Princesses,” royal author Marion Crawford said that Her Majesty was quite quick with her left hook. Whenever she is trigged by her younger sister, she would immediately take a whack at her adversary.

And even though Princess Margaret was much smaller and younger than the monarch by three years, she also knew how to defend herself from the Queen’s whacking.

“Margaret was more of a close-in fighter, known to bite on occasions. More than once I’ve been shown a hand bearing the royal teeth marks… They scrapped over their toys in an entirely healthy manner from time to time… Schoolroom brawls often started when they had to wear hats. They hated hats,” she said.

Growing up, the Queen also had one major complaint about her younger sister. Whenever they would get into fights, she would complain about Princess Margaret wanting the same things that she wants. According to Crawford, the mom of four is the one with the temper, but she’s able to get it under control. Princess Margaret, on the other hand, was the naughtier one of the two.

When they got older, Princess Margaret reportedly had recurring dreams of disappointing the Queen. Since this is something that she didn’t want to happen, Princess Margaret eventually decided to end her relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend because Her Majesty didn’t approve of it.

But according to Christopher Warwick, the author of “Princess Margaret: A Life of Contrasts,” the late royal didn’t end her relationship with Townsend because of the Queen. Rather, the couple’s relationship was no longer strong enough because they had been apart for two years.