• Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are in stark contrast with each other
  • Kate Middleton is more affectionate towards children compared to the Queen
  • The Queen rarely shows affection 

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton’s interaction with children was recently compared after the holidays.

During Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s first Christmas walkabout, Prince William and Middleton were photographed engaging their two children. At one point, the Duchess of Cambridge even bent down to be on the same level as her 4-year-old daughter.

While speaking with Express, body language expert Darren Stanton said that it has been a common gesture for Middleton to kneel down to match her children’s eye-line so that she can maintain rapport with them.

Prince William’s wife has also been photographed placing a comforting hand on the back of her children to help keep them relaxed and comfortable. However, the Queen rarely does the same thing.

“I notice that most pictures of Kate’s children with their parents, feature either both Kate and William engaging with the children. This is in stark contrast to the parenting style by the Queen who was rarely seen showing any kind of interaction or attention to the royal children,” the source said.

Stanton also said that he thinks Prince William and Middleton are very hands-on parents, and the latter is especially hands-on.

Meanwhile, when the Queen was much younger, she used to also be affectionate towards her grandchildren. In the documentary “Elizabeth R,” the monarch was photographed holding the hands of Princess Eugenie while they were walking outside Sandringham.

On one occasion, she also lovingly ran after Prince William after noticing that her grandson was also rushing towards Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s moving carriage.

However, the Queen wasn’t always affectionate towards her four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. But royal experts claimed that this has to do with her upbringing.

In the book “Prince Charles at Seventy,” royal author Robert Jobson said the Her Majesty is not good at showing affection. But during an interview with BBC in 2002, Princess Anne clarified that she didn’t take offense.

“I don't believe any of us for a second thought she didn't care for us in exactly the same way as any other mother did,” she said.