• Prince Andrew allegedly gatecrashed the Queen's staff party
  • The Duke of York is rumored to have had an altercation with Prince William and Kate Middleton
  • Prince Andrew reportedly called Prince William a brat and Kate Middleton a commoner

Prince Andrew is rumored to have been involved in another scandal over the holidays.

Radar Online’s sister company National Enquirer claimed in a report that the Duke of York crashed Queen Elizabeth’s staff party at Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles threw him out of the venue.

Days later, Prince Andrew has seemingly not moved on from the incident that he allegedly unleashed a torrent of abuse at Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Christmas celebration in Sandringham. The dad of two is rumored to be blaming the Cambridges for the removal of his royal duties amid his ongoing sex scandal.

During the royals’ altercation, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband allegedly accused Prince William of being a spoiled brat. Prince Andrew also allegedly called Middleton a commoner and said that the royal couple makes him sick.

The shocking claims made by the tabloid didn’t end there. They also alleged that Prince Andrew pushed Prince William against the wall before security intervened.

But just like with all the other stories published by the tabloid, these claims are evidently unfounded and should be taken with a grain of salt. No one knows what exactly took place at the Queen’s staff party and the royal family’s Christmas celebration in Sandringham.

Since both occasions are considered festive, it is unlikely that Prince Andrew would unleash a torrent of abuse against the Cambridges. Prince William and Middleton weren’t the reason why the Duke of York was stripped off his royal duties.

Prince Charles didn’t also throw out his younger brother when she gatecrashed the staff party. Both claims didn’t happen. And it is unlikely that Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are feuding.

The royal siblings were photographed walking and chatting on their way to the church service on Christmas morning. The Queen also joined Prince Charles and Prince Andrew at the service, which confirms that she doesn’t also have an issue with the Duke of York.

Prince Andrew has stepped back from public duties following the backlash to his BBC interview Prince Andrew has stepped back from public duties following the backlash to his BBC interview Photo: AFP / JOHN THYS