R. Kelly, who was recently arrested on a 13-count indictment which includes sex crimes, obstruction of justice and child pornography, could face 195 years in prison if found guilty, a federal prosecutor named Angel Krull said, New York Times reported. More so, key witness to the R&B singer’s child pornography trial all the way back in 2008 is currently working with the federal investigators.

Christopher L. Brown, lawyer of the girl who is now in her 30s, made this confirmation. However, the magnitude of the said cooperation wasn’t clear. The news came in following a federal indictment accusing Kelly of paying the woman and her father to keep it silent.

A VHS tape allegedly showing Kelly having sex with an underage girl was mailed to a reporter named Jim DeRogatis in February, 2002, Pitchfork reported. The girl and his family refused to testify against the “King of Pop-Soul,” and it was believed to be the reason for the case’s dismissal and being Kelly acquitted on all the charges.

What could be the reason why the girl and the family made such refusal to testify in the trial?

A $2 million pay off for their silence that was allegedly claimed by a Michael Avenatti. He called the R. Kelly 2008 case acquittal fake and that he bought the victim and her family to warrant that the truth will remain silent.

Brown, legal counsel of the family, refuted these claims by saying they were false and not realistically based. In an exclusive report of TMZ, he said that the family, including the victim, was contacted by the United States Attorney’s Office in Chicago.

Updates about the controversial case in 2008, wherein “Ignition” singer was acquitted, will be provided as the story progresses.

On a different note, a no-bond decision issued by the court on the federal indictment, following his arrest on Thursday. Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s attorney, attempted to make an appeal for his client to be allowed to post a bail.

The 52-year-old songwriter entered a plea of not guilty soon after.

Whilst the trial is on-going in Chicago, Federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York also filed a separate five-count indictment against Kelly for racketeering, transporting for prostitution or luring to engage in criminal sexual activity, CBS Chicago reported.

His next hearing will be on September 4. Although, it’s yet to be confirmed whether or not the record producer has to make a personal appearance in New York.