The Environmental Working Group, a Washington based organization specialized in research in the areas of toxic chemicals and corporate accountability, has done a great service of compiling a list of major carriers’ phones which measure the SAR levels based on phone manufacturers data from December 2010.

Cell phones themselves aren't necessarily harmful. It's the radiation emitted by the phones that's harmful and more importantly, the amount of radiation that your body absorbs. Specific absorption rate (SAR) is the name given to the rate of radiofrequency energy your body gets from continuous phone usage. The lower the number, the lower the radiation exposure.

Notably, a few brand name manufactures stand out on the SAR level list.

Two South Korean mobile companies, Samsung and LG, dominate the lowest radiation models list by occupying 7 out of the top 10 standings. Among the top 10 safest cell phones are 6 Samsung phone models. While Samsung phone models consecutively ranked as number 5 through 10 with the lowest SAR level, LG Quantum, with SAR 0.53 W/kg marked, topped the list as number one.

Interestingly, EWG’s chart reveals that Motorola occupies 7 out of the 10 standings for worst cell phone radiation emission. The most dangerous phone to top the list is the Motorola Bravo, emitting radiation at 1.59 W/kg. Three Motorola phone models, Motorola DEFY, Motorola Quantico, and Motorola Charm, are tied in the 10th place for marking 1.53 W/kg.

Click ‘Start’ to see the safest models from Samsung and LG, and the most dangerous models from Motorola:

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