“Rainbow Six Siege” Operators and gadgets have been leaking more often before their reveal as of late, and it seems to have happened again with the next set of characters planned for the year’s 3rd season.

“Rainbow Six Siege” has had quite a year. With the recent reveal of “Rainbow Six Quarantine,” the franchise was once again thrust into the spotlight. The game is now on the 3rd season of its 4th year and already there’s a leak about the next set of Operators. While the leak did not mention anything about the Operator’s names, it did give a glimpse as to what kind of gadgets the new Operators will bring into the game.

The leak comes from an individual who goes by the name Kormora. Kormora is a leaker who has been active on ResetEra and has shared accurate information on more than one occasion regarding upcoming “Rainbow Six Siege” content. The user returned to the forums after being asked if he had any information regarding Year 4 Season 3 content for “Rainbow Six Siege.”

Kormora then revealed details sent to them from an inside source regarding the new Attacker and Defender for the game.

Year 4 Season 3 Gadgets

  • Attacker can use a grappling hook to go up hatches. Everyone pretty much knows this one at this point. And it’s usable on windows too obviously
  • Defender has a special deployable shield that has a canister on it that drops fire around it when it gets broken
  • We know season 1 is lacking in stuff but engine limitations are annoying to work around and it’s more crippling than it has been talked about in public. We’re also going to try to deliver a fun mid-season event to you guys and already seen some correct guesses on the web about what themed event it is because of skin leaks

Although the source did not drop any names, they did mention a planned mid-season event and that they already saw a number of correct guesses as to what it was.

Players of “Rainbow Six Siege” know how annoying it is to have an exposed hatch above them that they cannot rappel up to. The new Attacker’s gadget could prove to be useful in many scenarios and is perfect for flanking the enemy. The Defender’s gadget epitomizes defense and could help players clutch an otherwise hopeless match.

There’s been no word yet from Ubisoft so fans will just have to wait and see if the leaked info is accurate or not.

Rainbow Six Siege
"Rainbow Six Siege" is an online tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft. The game was released worldwide on December 1, 2015 and its community continues to grow until now. Psyounger / Flickr