“Rambo 5: Last Blood” will continue the tradition of introducing a new knife, just as the previous films from the franchise have introduced different knife in each new iteration. The name “Last Blood” stands in stark contrast to the very first film that was titled “First Blood.” A comparison of the weapons of the two movies should give the fans an idea about the journey and the evolution of the Vietnam veteran.

The minute the name John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is mentioned, it conjures up a familiar image of a warrior in the wilderness with his machine gun or the trademark bow and arrow. There is one other weapon of interest when it comes to this character, and that is his knife.

The knife that was introduced in “First Blood,” a weapon that was underestimated by the cops in the beginning. That changed pretty quickly later on in the film, as the knife turned out to be instrumental in John’s survival.

A quick glance at the picture of the knife on the official Facebook page of the franchise gives the fans an idea about just how menacing it looks with its serrated back. According to the fandom page of the movie, Jimmy Lile designed the knife based on the actual Vietnam-era survival knifes that soldiers were given. Over the years there have been slight variations of this design in each new movie, but the basic design and the purpose has been the same- survival!

The new knife in “Rambo 5” will go a step further. A picture Stallone posted on Instagram shows the new knife has dropped the jagged look, and the weapon also has a name.

“Heartstopper” is the name of the knife John will wield in the next film. The name suggests that this will not be a tool for survival, but rather it will be used in offensive actions. This is in line with the plot of the film that is about John going on the offensive to take on a Mexican cartel.

The name “Last Blood” also suggest that this is the last adventure of John. The fans can expect a lot of nostalgic moments from the previous films, especially “First Blood.” Even in the Instagram post of the knife, Stallone used a dialogue “you just don’t turn it off,” which is from the first film.

Filming of “Rambo 5” is currently ongoing with Adrian Grunberg as the director. The cast members include Paz Vega (Carmen Delgado), Jessica Madsen, and Joaquin Cosio. The movie is set to be released next year in the U.S.