Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Wednesday called for the impeachment of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo due to the state's response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Paul specifically singled out Cuomo’s decision to send COVID-19 patients to nursing homes so that hospitals free up bed space.

"I think Gov. Cuomo should be impeached ... for the disastrous decision he made to send patients with coronavirus back to nursing homes ... virtually half his people who died were in nursing homes," Paul said on the “Fox News Rundown” podcast.

"New York had a lockdown and had 30,000 people die. New York had the worst death rate of any place in the world amidst a lockdown. So, perhaps a lockdown didn't do any good, and perhaps a lockdown killed our economy but didn't do anything to stem the tide of a virus,” Paul said.

Cuomo shot back at critics over the policy in an interview Monday with NBC News.

“We looked at this factually. If you look at when the nursing home deaths happened, it has no correlation to that order. Where the spread came from, were from the workers. It is the direct correlation to the spread of the virus in that worker's community. There's a chance that the virus may have come from visitors early on," Cuomo told reporter Gabe Gutierrez.

According to a report released by investigative outlet ProPublica last week, more than 6,000 COVID-19 patients were transferred from hospitals to nursing homes across New York. So far, at least 6,500 nursing home residents in New York have been killed by the virus, exceeding 6% of the state’s total nursing home population.

Paul on Wednesday also went on the attack against other elected officials outside his state. He responded to criticism of Rep. Liz Cheney by saying that he didn't think she was good for the country, while also accusing her of trying to "sabotage" President Trump's foreign policy.