A Twitter joke turned ugly during the weekend of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz fight in Las Vegas, NV., where reportedly a physical confrontation took place between R&B singer Ray J and Rapper Fabolous outside a club in Las Vegas.

After the alleged altercation, Ray J called in to New York's Power 105.1 radio station on Monday morning to tell his side of the story.

Ray J said he punched Fabolous in the face in response to disrespectful comments the rapper made on Twitter.

When I seen him, I was with Floyd [Mayweather] and 50, and he tried to say don't touch me and I punched that n***a. Straight up. I ain't playin' with him, Ray J said.

Hip-hop news site, InFlexWeTrust.com, ran by DJ FunkMasterFlex reported:

Last night, Fabolous and Ray J got into an altercation in Las Vegas over some tweets directed toward Ray that Fab sent out.

This morning Ray called into a radio station and made it seem like he knocked Fab out and really hurt him.

Most eye-witnesses said that wasn't the case at all, and tonight Fab called into a station to clear the air. Seems like someone was completely lying this morning.

Over the weekend, Fabolous poked fun at Ray J for playing a concert in Mayweather's living room.

Nah but Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing One Wish on the piano had me in tears!!, Fab tweeted.

Ray J said the famed boxer is like a brother to him, and that he sings and plays piano at his house frequently.

When reminded by Power 107.5 DJs that Fab is known for cracking jokes on Twitter, the R&B singer was having none of it.

F*** that N***a! He can't joke on me, Ray J exclaimed.

An increasingly irate Ray J made several blatant threats of violence, and even rape, against Fab during the overheated interview, which the radio station was forced to delay on air due to the amount of profanity.

Ray J said his fight with Fabolous led to him being kicked out of his hotel and detained in handcuffs by police, although he was eventually released. He denied that he had been hit by Fabolous or any members of his entourage.

Rapper Ray J's ranting on New York City radio station Power 105.1:

Listen to Rapper Fabolous' response to Ray J's rant: Here