Hooked on “Ravenswood”? So are we! The “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff series only has a few episodes left before its mid-season finale, and we’ve got the scoop on the latest drama unfolding in the haunted town.

When we previously left off in episode 2, Miranda had succumbed to the car crash; Caleb was being questioned about his friend’s mental issues; Olivia discovered a hurtful secret about her friend; and Remy, Luke and Caleb almost got killed while trying to retrieve Miranda’s backpack. “Death and the Maiden” ended with Caleb getting a shocking visitor -- a confused ghost Miranda.

Episode 3, “Believe,” will air on ABC Family on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and find a majority of the five teens looking for answers … while Luke tries to ignore the “otherworldly” happenings in town. In order to get him to see that the town might be haunted, the “group decides to hold a séance.” But who are they trying to contact? Between Miranda, Luke and Olivia’s father, and the countless people that died in the Ravenswood flood years ago, the possibilities are endless.

While Caleb and Remy try to contact the “other side” with Luke, Olivia will be investigating her father’s death, which unfortunately for her “turns out to be more sinister than she was expecting.” Thanks to a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, we know that there is another person who could potentially be involved in her father’s death: his high school girlfriend, Abby. Badgering her mother for answers, Olivia finally uncovers something chilling -- Abby had been warning her father that his life was in danger. But when Luke asks if they were sleeping together, they get an absolutely shocking answer … Abby has been dead for 20 years.

Olivia’s not the only one with family problems -- Remy and Miranda have them as well.

For Remy, it’s keeping a close yee on her mom, who recently returned from Afghanistan, but is not the same. Miranda, on the other hand, desires to have a connection to her family -- and “begins to feel like someone, or something is watching her” on the other side.

With Caleb appearing to be the only one to see Miranda, he finds a reason to stay in Ravenswood after a “somber event.”

Watch two sneak-peek videos and a promo of “Believe” below. Catch episode 3 of “Ravenswood” on ABC Family on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 8 p.m.