The “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode introduced viewers to the town of Ravenswood, and now the new spinoff series of the same name explored the spooky supernatural happenings in the area.

Caleb decided not to return to Rosewood so he could stay behind and help his new friend Miranda, a teen who spent her childhood in foster homes. Miranda’s searching for her Uncle Raymond, her only living relative, but the pair discovers that Ravenswood has a lot of secrets hiding within its city limits.

Familiar Faces

During the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode, Miranda and Caleb make a startling find – gravestones that have their names on them. While it’s easy to pass the names on the stones off as relatives, they can’t explain why the photos on the gravestones look exactly like them.

Uncle Raymond

Miranda thought her reunion with her Uncle Raymond would be a joyous one, but the funeral home owner is anything but happy to see his niece. “What are you doing here?” he asks in greeting.

Mrs. Grunwald, the house caretaker, takes Miranda inside while Caleb decides to question Raymond about the odd gravestones. Raymond denies knowing anything about the stones and the photos of Caleb and Miranda and warns Caleb that the two of them have to leave town.

Looking For Answers

Getting nowhere with Raymond, Caleb decides to leave Miranda to search for some answers on his own. Heading to the town newspaper, Caleb meets another teen named Remy. He asks to look at old newspapers to find his relative's obituary, but Remy’s father puts a stop to his inquiry once he hears Caleb’s name.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Miranda tries to get her uncle to talk. All he says is that he couldn’t tell her anything at the time of her parents' death and thought it was best if she stayed away without contact.

Strange Happenings

The pair decide to take photos of their relatives' graves as proof, but when they go back to the cemetery the gravestones have been replaced. That’s not the only strange thing to happen, though.

Back at Raymond’s house, a dripping wet woman who was hiding behind a curtain attacks Miranda. But when Miranda goes to look for the woman, she finds nothing but a puddle on the ground.

Caleb doesn’t initially buy the story but finds himself in a similar situation when he goes to take a bath. While soaking in the tub, Caleb closes his eyes only to open them and find someone trying to drown him with the shower curtain.

Remy’s Discovery

Remy begins to suspect something is weird in town when her mom returns from Afghanistan. Her mother’s entire troop was killed in an ambush and somehow she was the only one to survive.

“I don’t know why I’m still here,” her mother tells her. “I shouldn’t be alive.”

Her mother’s words trigger something for Remy and the teen realizes that she read those words before.

Going to the newspaper, Remy runs into Caleb and Miranda and reveals her discovery.

The newspaper ran a story of a soldier’s miraculous return home, and a week later five high school seniors – including Caleb and Miranda’s relatives – died in a boating accident. To make things even sketchier, Remy reveals that the same thing happened before – a soldier returned home and a week later five teens died in a car accident.

The Story Of Luke & Olivia

Two of the most popular students in school, Luke and Olivia, are having a rough time. The siblings lost their father, and their mother is a suspect in his murder.

Luke and Olivia are not only grieving their father, but are forced to deal with backlash in town. People are calling their mother a “Black Widow” and blaming her for the death of their dad.

While Luke deals with the situation by staying hidden, Olivia just wants things to go back to normal. But the townspeople won’t forget, and while Olivia drives through the town parade as part of the homecoming court someone walks by and throws red paint on her.

A Tragic End?

Miranda and Caleb are in the car with Remy to go to a diner when they find Luke and a paint-covered Olivia walking. Remy picks the pair up (Luke is her boyfriend) and the five teens drive toward a bridge.

As they approach the bridge the same wet woman that appeared before Miranda shows up in front of the car. Miranda grabs the wheel to avoid hitting the woman and the car drives off the bridge and into the water … leaving the five teens calling for help.

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