You ready to make the move to “Ravenswood”? The new ABC Family series based on “Pretty Little Liars” is set to debut on Oct. 22, and the network is continuing to tease the impending drama with another spooky promo video.

“I’ve been pulled into something here I can’t explain,” the voice of Caleb says in the 30-second video. This town -- it’s hiding something, a mystery that begs to be solved. There are secrets in the shadows and the whispers. The only way I’m ever going to escape is to dig up the past -- and put it to rest.”

As he speaks, the video shows a black bird flying away from the Ravenswood cemetery. One of the bird’s black feathers falls into a water bowl, transforming into a black rose. A hand, revealed to be Caleb’s, pulls the black rose out of the water, and when it hits the light, it turns white. Placing it next to a couple of other white flowers on an angel statue, Caleb is joined by four other teens -- Miranda, Luke, Olivia and Remy.

The “Ravenswood” pilot will premiere after the special “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode. As fans of “Pretty Little Liars” know, the season-four summer finale ended with Caleb hopping on a bus to Ravenswood to help Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily. The girls will end up leaving Ravenswood by the end of episode 13, but, according to a press release, Caleb will find himself staying in the spooky town to help out a new friend named Miranda.

The episode will take place after the Ravenswood town party, but Caleb and Miranda will witness something the night of the party that will lead them on a journey to investigate “strange and supernatural occurrences” in town. But it won’t be just Caleb and Miranda doing some investigating. Five teens -- Caleb, Miranda, Luke, Olivia and Remy -- are all connected somehow, and Ravenswood has something “in store for them.”