• Razer has released a new gaming controller for iPhones
  • The new controller is compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus and newer
  • The controller turns iPhones into Nintendo Switch-like devices

Razer, known for its high-end gaming peripherals and accessories, has released an iPhone-compatible version of its Kishi controller.

The new Razer Kishi for iOS is now available, giving iPhone owners an opportunity to improve their gaming prowess, Razer announced in a tweet. The new version comes as an addition to the company's many offerings, which include gaming accessories for Android devices, PCs and more.

The new Kishi for iOS is similar to the one the company made for Android devices but comes with a Lightning connector for use with iPhones. It features the same 8-way D-pad, left and right joysticks, XYAB face buttons, bumpers and triggers, allowing iPhone owners to play on their handsets as if they're playing on a Nintendo Switch or other gaming consoles.

Unlike other gaming controllers, the Kishi for iOS controller doesn't connect to the iPhone using Bluetooth. It connects to the handset using a Lightning connector, allowing for ultra-low latency.

This results in faster responses and less lag, which is crucial for those precision games. Razer said it “is able to provide instant button response for smooth, seamless control.”

It features a flexible design that allows it to be attached to different iPhone models starting with the iPhone 6 Plus. It clamps securely on most iPhones, making sure that the handset will never fall off even in the middle of a heated in-game car chase, gunfight or brawl.

Razer Kishi for iOS
Razer Kishi for iPhone controller. Razer

The Kishi controller boasts of an ergonomic design that allows gamers to enjoy playing for longer hours. It was designed to provide a comfortable grip, and its buttons have been strategically placed to “make sure each button press feels natural and intuitive” – just like how it feels to press buttons on an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

The controller is also cloud gaming compatible, allowing players to enjoy their games anywhere. This is perfect for iPhone owners who have subscribed to Apple's game streaming service, Apple Arcade. It's also perfect for those who enjoy AAA titles.

The Kishi for iOS controller does not have a battery and draws power from the iPhone to operate. It does have an external Lightning port that allows for pass-through charging, however, allowing iPhone owners to charge their device in the event that it runs low on battery while playing games.

The new Razer Kishi for iPhone gaming controller is now available for $99.99 and can be purchased via Razer's official website as well as Apple's online store. It will be available via Apple's physical stores worldwide starting Sept. 22, Engadget reported.