It’s impossible to measure someone’s happiness, but when running a business, you need to strive to keep employees happy, because happy people work 12% harder to achieve their goals. To be productive and to maintain health, employees need to take breaks from their work. Creating a re-charge space is the most effective way to boost productivity, so let’s break this subject and try to understand why well-known names have adopted the re-charge rooms trend.

Why do employees need re-charge rooms?

Don’t try to measure the amount of work your employees do by the time they invest in completing the task. 3 hours of working at peak productivity can deliver a better result than 12 hours of work when exhausted. When you create a schedule for your team consider their fatigue level and try to adapt it according to their productivity rates.

Employees need regular breaks to stay at the top of the game

One of your employees’ greatest fears (no, it’s not that robots will take their jobs) is that you don’t care about them. Don’t have the misconception they want you to care for them from a sentimental standpoint. They want you to invest in their productivity, by improving the work conditions. A breakroom is an improvement that shows people you care about their comfort and wellbeing. Investing in quality products also proves to them that you put their interest first.

Employees need to know they are important for you

Team building can be achieved in multiple ways. One way is to organise corporate trips that imply teamwork activities. But another effective strategy is to offer your employees the opportunity to communicate and interact outside the office. A recharge room can facilitate bonding because it features areas that encourage various activities. From the yoga space to the room where they test their skills, the recharge space encourages people to learn more about each other.

Employees need constant team building to work harmoniously

How to mix design and function?

Breakrooms are more than a simple space where people drink coffee and chat about their latest project. A re-charge room is where your employees can take a few minutes to relax and refill their batteries. The idea behind these rooms is to help people unwind and disconnect from the daily stress they experience at the office.

Breakrooms can take any form that combines design with function. Some companies prefer spaces dedicated to naptime where their employees can have a power sleep. But others prefer to combine different functions to create a space that meets various needs.

Spas and massage rooms are a hot trend because they help employees relieve tension. Some companies hire professional massage therapists to help people deal with medical issues they experience as a result of working at an office. Why should companies create spa rooms? More and more people transform their bathrooms into spa spaces because they help them relieve stress and tension. By creating a spa room at the office, companies help their employees unwind and focus on the tasks they need to complete.

We spoke with Wesley Ward, Head of Marketing at Hausera, a home kitchen and bath hardware supplier. He told us that based on their 2019 consumer survey, "Nearly half of respondents (48%) between the ages of 18-30 said “finding the right professionals” is the top challenge when it comes to their home renovations." He also mentioned, "staying on budget" as being the second largest challenge for homeowners. Most of your employee's can't afford to build a spa at home. So, they appreciate your effort to create an environment that makes them feel like home when they want to take a break.

More and more people attend meditation and yoga classes because they help them achieve a calm state of mind. Meditation practitioners state that only 5 minutes of quiet mindfulness boost concentration, improve sleep, and help people focus on their tasks the entire day. Yoga and meditation can help your employees quiet their mind and improve their energy levels. Nike is one of the companies that provide a yoga room, a full gym, and a swimming pool for its employees at their headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Electronics-free rooms are a way to encourage people to leave their devices on their desk and step into a chill zone. Install a fireplace in one of the rooms, play some relaxing tunes and provide food goodies to facilitate human communication. The act of disconnecting from their devices works wonderfully for the people who are constantly tied to their computer, when at the office.

Re-charge rooms are an idea companies can adopt if they want to show their employees, they support their productivity by providing access to amenities that can boost their well-being.