Kim Richards
Kim Richards, who was involved in a nasty fight with co-star Lisa Rinna on last week's episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," poses at the show's premiere party in 2010. Richards will reportedly come clean about the Harry Hamlin secret at the show's reunion. Reuters

Fans are still reeling after Tuesday's action-packed episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” After weeks of feuding over Kim Richards' bizarre behavior at a poker party, the tension between Kim and Lisa Rinna finally came to a head. Lisa was sent into a drink-tossing, glass-breaking rage after Richards, a former child star, threatened to reveal a dark secret about Rinna's husband, actor Harry Hamlin.

Lisa's reaction got fans wondering – what did Harry do? The 51-year-old actress even jokingly posed the question via Twitter repeatedly throughout the episode, going as far as to ask fans to tweet her “Housewives” co-star Kim using a #WhatDidHarryDo hashtag. Kim did not respond to Lisa or her fans, but TMZ reportedly has found the answer.

According to the site, Kim made up the secret to stir things up with Lisa. TMZ reports sources close to the production say the issue will be brought up again during the reunion, where 50-year-old Kim will admit she fabricated the entire story.

"ET" caught up with Kim's sister Kyle Richards to discuss the fight, as well as Lisa's reactions to Kim's claims. According to Kyle, the blowup was 100 percent real.

“This was 100 percent a natural reaction that Lisa had,” Richards told "ET." “Our show is not scripted. It's not lightly scripted. That was just Lisa's genuine reaction.”

Harry's wife of 18 years later explained her volatile actions in her BravoTV blog. Lisa wrote that she won't put up with someone attacking her family.

“I am fiercely protective of my marriage and my family, and I'll be damned if I let someone as disturbed as she create false rumors about my husband,” she posted. “I think it's plain to see that Kim crossed the line. That was my 'DO NOT F--- WITH ME' moment. You have just met my inner gangster! I'm just glad that I didn't strangle her on the spot, mainly because I hear the food in jail sucks and orange is not my best color! The crazy part is Kim has met HH once. One time.”

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