“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 6 Cast
Lisa Vanderpump finds herself the subject of attacks from all angles during part two of the Season 6 “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion. NBC Universal

Season 6 of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” may be over, but the drama sure isn’t. Part two of the reunion special proves more dramatic than the last, focusing in on Lisa Vanderpump and the drama-filled web she spun for herself.

The episode opens with a bang, diving right back in where the previous left off. The restaurateur is called to own up to some of the comments she made during Season 6 regarding the health of both Yolanda Foster and her children, Bella and Anwar Hadid. Yolanda is quick to get emotional when the discussion shifts toward her children, briefly exiting the stage with close friend and “RHOBH” newbie Erika Girardi. The conversation continues and Lisa V. stands by her claims that she was not trying to downplay Bella and Anwar’s health struggle, but rather her words had been twisted. Lisa Rinna — Lisa V.’s arch nemesis throughout much of the season — jumps in, claiming that both she and Kyle Richards were gossiping about Yolanda and her children.

Yolanda is quick to jump down Kyle’s throat, questioning why she would go to Lisa V. about her kids. She repeatedly reminds Kyle that she had told her about the children’s diagnosis’ and should be the only one fielding questions about their well being. Kyle makes a not-so-subtle attempt to get out of the spotlight, reminding Yolanda that it was Lisa V — not her — who made the comments about Yolanda’s children being “fine.” Yolanda shifts her verbal assault back to Lisa V., revealing to the rest of the “RHOBH” cast as well as those viewing at home that her assessment of Bella and Anwar’s health cost her her relationship with Mohammed.

Throughout their conversation Lisa R. attempted to jump in, throwing her own barbs about the munchausen’s syndrome accusations and more. She stood her ground, claiming that it was Lisa V. who had pushed her to mention the whole thing, suggesting that she and Kyle used her as a scapegoat. Lisa V. denied those claims, as she has been since the “RHOBH” trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Yolanda and Lisa R. wasn’t the only one with a bone to pick with Lisa V. Eileen Davidson sought the opportunity to air out her grievances after host Andy Cohen showed a clip of Lisa V. making a phony apology in Dubai, UAE. Eileen told the cast that seeing Lisa V. admit to feigning the apology made her feel “vindicated,” adding that she still to this day feels that she is “manipulative.” Erika Girardi and Lisa R. stand behind her in that claim, suggesting that she often takes control of situations. Eileen once again brings up the conversation about her and her husband’s affair, which took place during one of the earliest episodes of Season 6, claiming that Lisa V. knew what she was doing. Kyle comes to her gal pal’s defense, assuring the ladies that the conversation was innocent, but they’re not swayed. Lisa V. says she didn’t understand the situation at all, including Eileen’s reason for being upset and the ladies agree to disagree.

“RHOBH” returns for one final installment of the reunion special next Tuesday, May 3 at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.