Tamra Judge sits down with Briana Culberson (not pictured) during Season 10, episode 18 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" to discuss mother Vicki Gunvvalson's relationship with Brooks Ayers (not pictured). During the lunch Tamra, 48, learns even more unsettling news about Brooks' diagnosis. From left are Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds. Bravo

Tamra Judge sits down with Vicki Gunvalson's daughter, Briana Culberson, to discuss her mother's relationship with Brooks Ayers during Season 10, episode 18 of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Although the Cut Fitness co-CEO is skeptical about discussing Brooks with so much controversy surrounding him, she reveals to viewers that she promised Vicki, 53, she would do it during their trip to Tahiti earlier in the season. Briana has made no secret that she dislikes Brooks since an earlier season, filmed in 2013, when he was overheard telling her husband Ryan Culberson he should hit her in order to get her to be more compliant. Her distaste for Brooks coupled with Tamra's doubts about his cancer diagnosis leads to an interesting conversation full of new revelations.

With just one day left of her stay in Orange County, Briana agrees to meet Tamra, 48, at a swanky waterfront restaurant. The pair sit down for a meal and indulge in a few cocktails while they discuss Brooks. Tamra decides to forgo trying to get Briana to like Brooks and quickly divulges to her that she, and the rest of the "RHOC" cast, are having serious doubts about his non-Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis. Briana, an emergency room nurse, is in agreement. She shares with Tamra her own experience with Brooks lying about his diagnosis, revealing that many years ago, prior to their formal falling out, he claimed to be suffering from pancreatic cancer. When Briana learned that he was telling people he had made a full recovery from the largely fatal disease, she began asking questions.

The more she pushed, the more Brooks cracked. She tells Tamra that, in time, Brooks revealed to her that he did not actually have pancreatic cancer, but rather pancreatitis, which can be brought on by drinking alcohol in excess. Briana seems equally shocked when Tamra shares with her the details about Brooks' medical records from episode 17, agreeing that a PET/CT (positron-emission tomography/computerized tomography) scan for a Stage 3 cancer patient would likely be done in a hospital, not a clinic.

Tamra later meets with Vicki to try on dresses for her impending baptism. During the fitting she and Vicki try on various all-white gowns to fit with her angelic theme for the spiritual event. Between trying out different outfits Tamra catches Vicki up on her lunch with Briana, revealing to her that Briana remains uninterested in having a relationship with Brooks. The conversation then shifts, once again, to his diagnosis. Vicki shares with Tamra that she will not be discussing his cancer any further, calling the "RHOC" cast's doubt "Satan's work" repeatedly during the episode. She adds that Brooks will not be in attendance at the baptism as she claims he doesn't need that stress in his life. At episode 18's close the women begin arriving at the baptism and, while everything seems to be going well, previews for the season finale suggest it won't be long before things take a turn for the worse.

While Tamra's baptism preparations and her conversation with Briana took center stage during Season 10, episode 18 there were several other noteworthy moments during the show. Here are the 5 most important:

  • Tamra shares with Heather Dubrow that Brooks and Vicki sat her down to show her a document they claim was his most recent PET/CT scan. Like the rest of the cast, she seems equally surprised that the then-couple chose to share the medical papers with Tamra, who has no background in the field, and very suspicious.
  • Shannon Beador opens up to Heather, 46, and Tamra about her husband David Beador's affair for the first time. Both women reveal in confessional interviews that they had heard rumors about his affair previously, but had not shared the information with anyone else. They team up to show Shannon support, telling her that they appreciate her opening up to them especially amid such controversy and confusion.
  • Shannon, 51, and David seem to be in a much better place. While preparing for Tamra's baptism Shannon decides to give herself an at-home colonic, at which time she fears a tube was lost in her rectum. David stays by her side through the chaos, only to discover that the plastic tubing had fallen out into a toilet and they are able to laugh about it later.
  • Vicki and her brother decide to attend Tamra's party together. Prior to leaving Vicki's home they reminisce about their mother, who died unexpectedly early in the season.
  • Meghan King Edmonds struggles with having to spend half the year away from husband Jim Edmonds, especially with their stepdaughter out doing her own thing a majority of the time. After the teen bails on Tamra's baptism Meghan, 30, is reduced to tears as she FaceTimes Jim, 45.

"RHOC" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo. Tune in next week to watch Tamra be baptized and learn whether or not it truly changes her. Check out a preview for the episode below: