It's Emily Simpson's Sophmore year on "The Real Housewives Of Orange County," but that doesn't mean it's been any easier than her first season. 

"I honestly haven't even really watched any of the full episodes. That's how difficult it is for me," Emily told TooFab

The Bravo reality show is currently airing Season 14, and while there is plenty of drama surrounding the rest of the cast, fans couldn't help but take issue with the 43-year-old's husband, Shane. 

During a recent episode, Shane hesitated when asked if he missed his wife and their three children after being away for 10 days studying for the bar exam. While Emily admitted his response "didn't look good at all by any means," she chalked it up to his "very sarcastic" and "very dry personality," according to the publication. 

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Emily revealed that the couple was having problems but thanks, in part, to the show, things are now on the up and up. 

"... this year, it was just much more personal because it's such a bird's-eye view into our life and marriage, and sometimes, you just don't wanna relive that," she said, later adding, "I would say things are definitely on the up-swing now." 

"I think sometimes, maybe the best therapy is actually watching yourself back because I really feel like maybe Shane was not self-aware," the mother-of-three shared. "And to him, he's like, 'Well, I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't call you names. I didn't yell at you.' But I don't think he grasped how dismissive or cold he could be until he was forced to watch himself. He's really put effort into being completely different, and I have to give him credit for that. Definitely."

"The Real Housewives Of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.