Tamra Judge
“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge, photographed during the Step2 safety awareness event in Culver City, California, on Sept. 24, 2016, is firing back amid rumors about her husband’s sexual preferences. Getty Images

If there’s anything viewers can learn from Season 11 of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” it’s never to speak ill about Tamra Judge, her children or her man. Both Kelly Dodd and former best friend Vicki Gunvalson made that mistake in recent episodes of the Bravo series and now the Cut Fitness co-owner is out for blood.

During an appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” Monday, Tamra was asked to address rumors currently circulating about her husband Eddie Judge’s sexuality. A caller phoned the show requesting that she “describe in detail” their sex life, which she declined to do.

Tamra, 49, went on to pin the blame on Vicki for having started the rumors, though the caller maintained that to him, Vicki’s claims seemed plausible because of Eddie’s pleasing appearance and physique. The “RHOC” veteran and host Andy Cohen questioned why either of those two things legitimize Vicki’s outlandish claims, laughing them off. Andy and Shannon Beador, who joined Tamra on the show, assured “WWHL” viewers that Tamra and Eddie have a very healthy and active sex life.

Another caller noted that while Kelly claimed in Season 11, episode 17 that she heard the rumors about Eddie from Vicki, Vicki claims they came from another unnamed source. The caller asked both Tamra and Shannon if they had any clue who Vicki’s source may be and both had the same answer — her own imagination. Tamra alleged that it was not just she and Shannon who’s husbands were attacked during Season 11, claiming that it was Vicki’s way of getting back at them for the Brooks Ayers drama in Season 10.

The rumors in question were first brought up during Monday’s episode of “RHOC.” Bravos cameras joined the women as they boarded a bus in the wee hours of the morning to leave Ireland after an explosive group trip. The “RHOC” cast had already begun attacking Kelly in the hallways of the hotel in Season 11, episode 16, but the drama continued during the lengthy ride to the airport.

Angry, hurt and known to be loose-lipped, Kelly hurled insults at the ladies as they attacked her for digging into their finances, making comments about their parenting skills, children and more. She snapped at Shannon on the bus, claiming that she was growing a beard before suggesting that Vicki — who was trying to stay neutral despite being one of Kelly’s only friends on the cast and playing a large role in her being attacked in the first place — told her that in addition to being unfaithful, David Beador had been abusive.

She then sat back as Shannon and Vicki argued over those claims, before popping back up out of her seat to drop another bomb. The controversial “RHOC” rookie claimed that Vicki told her that Tamra’s husband Eddie cheated on her and was potentially gay. Kelly’s accusations turned the spotlight off of her and onto Vicki for a moment as the “RHOC” cast aligned against her once more. The ostracized housewives were able to reach an agreement once they returned to the U.S., salvaging their damaged friendship, but the others are far from through with their attacks. Shannon, Tamra and Heather Dubrow have big plans to confront Vicki and Kelly once more during an upcoming party on the show.

Nothing more has been said by the parties involved about Eddie’s sexuality or the origins of the rumors. Tune in to Bravo Monday, Oct. 31, at 9 p.m. EDT for more “RHOC” drama.