"Real World: Go Big Or Go Home" cast
"Real World: Go Big Or Go Home" cast members (from left) Jenna, Sabrina, Ceejai and Kailah. MTV

Seven strangers are picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped ... and jump out of hot air balloons?

Ahead of the Season 31 premiere of “Real World,” MTV has revealed the 2016 installment will feature a twist. The trailer for “Real World: Go Big Or Go Home” announces that for the first time in the show’s 24-year history, the house guests, who will take residence in downtown Las Vegas, are at risk of being sent home if they refuse to complete challenges.

“From the moment they first meet, they are thrown into a series of over the top, daring missions,” MTV’s synopsis teases. “Always with the caveat that if they can’t complete the mission, they are sent home and another roommate will take their spot.”

Ahead of the season premiere, get to know the newest cast members of “Real World”:

Kailah – A self-admitted drama queen, Kailah hopes to learn how to maintain friendships with her strong personality. She attributes her unpredictable behavior to her Puerto Rican heritage. “Kailah warns guys not to fall in love with her due to sexual prowess,” the summary reveals.

Sabrina – Her biggest fear is to meet her biological mother, who gave her up for adoption as a baby. Sabrina worries meeting her bio mom, who may live in Los Vegas, could lead to heartbreak. The Boston native is also described as being unafraid to speak her mind and has an ability “to sexualize any situation.” In her audition tape, Sabrina shares she’d love to be an exotic cat trainer. “I’d rather say I died doing something with a tiger then went peacefully,” she says.

Ceejai – After losing her parents and several friends to gun violence, Ceejai wants to become an attorney to fight for stronger gun laws and bring awareness to domestic abuse into her community. She’s described as being an adrenaline junky, so it’s safe to say she probably won't have any trouble completing the more heart-racing challenges.

Jenna – This country girl is a fan of her beliefs, her pet pig, and shooting guns … in a bikini. The Mormon tomboy is looking to explore life outside of South Carolina. She does not believe in gun control, so she may find herself at odds with Ceejai.

real world go big or go home season 32 cast
The male "Real World: Go Big Or Go Home" cast members (from left) Chris, Dione and Dean. MTV

Chris – The Mormon raised New York City resident’s decision to accept his pansexuality has put him at odds with his family. “My mom uninvited me from her wedding because I am not a good enough Mormon,” Chris says in his audition tape. Chris is hoping to raise more awareness for LGBTQ rights and fight against religious discrimination while in the "Real World" house.

Dione – “Jungle Boy” struggles with the idea of getting a day job. His lack of desire for responsibility also means he isn’t looking for a serious romance. “Dionne would much rather find women that will fall to his charm and boyish personality,” teases MTV. “I have Peter Pan syndrome. I don’t plan on ever growing up,” Dionne says in his audition tape. Luckily for him, this season’s cast will not have a job.

Dean – Newly single and going through a divorce, the Las Vegas native is looking to live it up as a single man. He is originally from Ghana, Africa, and is described as having “pretty boy vibes.”

Watch the trailer for "Real World: Go Big Or Go Home" below:

“Real World: Go Big Or Go Home” premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.