Ben Affleck is not ignoring Jennifer Garner’s supposed ultimatum to get sober or lose custody of their kids, despite rumors. Gossip Cop debunked rumors that Affleck is ignoring Garner’s alleged demands.

According to Woman’s Day, Garner allegedly warned Affleck she would file for full custody of their three children if he doesn’t remain in rehab for at least 30 days.

The magazine further stated that the actor only went to rehab to reconnect with Shauna Sexton and is focused on getting sober only to continue their romance. It also quoted a source saying that he offered Sexton $450,000 a month to be his caretaker once he checks out of the rehab.

“No matter what threats Jennifer has made, Ben’s not willing to give up Shauna. He can’t stand to be alone and has told her he doesn’t care that she has no experience in working with addicts. He feels that just looking at her keeps him from drinking,” the alleged insider said adding that Garner tried “calling Shauna and warning her off,” but she refused to stop seeing Affleck.

“Jen apparently got her lawyers to offer her cold hard cash — a few hundred grand — to get her out of the picture, but even that didn’t work. Shauna just laughed,” the source continued.

Although Affleck did spend some time with Sexton during rehab breaks, the plot about him getting sober for her instead of his kids is untrue. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight over the weekend, Affleck’s brother Casey Affleck said the star's kids and Garner have inspired him to get sober. 

"Alcoholism has a huge impact on not just the person, but also their family. So, I think for his kids’ sake and for their mom, and for himself, he’s trying to do the work and get it together," Casey said.

Gossip Cop checked with Affleck’s spokesperson who confirmed that the tabloid’s storyline is “nonsense.” The representative said there is no truth to the report.

Recently, Affleck was snapped outside his LA home for the first time since he was taken to rehab by his estranged wife in late August. A car belonging to Sexton was parked in front of his property. This reportedly frustrated Garner.

"Jen knows he is back at the house with Shauna and she is so painfully frustrated. She knows he has to do this for himself,” a source told Entertainment Tonight.

The source also said the actor's friends have worries about his relationship with the Playboy model. "He had stayed in touch with Shauna the entire time he was in rehab and the people at the facility and friends had huge concerns about it because she isn't sober. She is a huge, red flag to everyone that is trying to support Ben with his process. Shauna is giving him false confidence and that is their biggest concern,” the source said.

Affleck is continuing to work on himself during his stint in rehab.