George Clooney and Amal Clooney
George Clooney and Amal Clooney pictured attending the American Film Institute’s 46th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute on June 7, 2018, in Hollywood, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Amid rumors about marriage troubles between George and Amal Clooney, a new report claimed the actor was finding it difficult to raise his twins in the absence of his wife. However, Gossip Cop debunked the report circulated by Radar Online.

An unreliable source told the outlet George “wants his life back” after struggling to look after one-year-old twins Alexander and Ella. The report claimed Amal was frequently out of town for work, making it hard for George to raise the children alone.

“George wants a full squad of sitters to make sure he has coverage in each of his homes: Los Angeles, Mexico, England and Italy," the source said. “He’ll pay at least $70,000 a year for each of the seven nannies to make sure his kids get the best care — and he gets back to being a movie star!”

However, these claims were false as the actor was not employing seven nannies for his two children.

In an interview last year with Daily Mail, George said: “I wasn’t completely unaware of what life would be like. All my friends have kids and I’m godfather to about 20 of them, so I knew what I was in for.”

He had also praised his wife for being such an attentive mother. “I have such admiration for my wife because she’s breastfeeding them and getting about two hours of sleep per interval, and the love they have for her is a sight to see and it’s beautiful,” he told the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, the actor's representative also confirmed to Gossip Cop he was not paying such a huge sum to hire seven nannies.

Amal and George have been recently surrounded with several rumors about their married life. Most recently, Life & Style magazine's claimed Amal wanted “half his $1 billion fortune” and was allegedly “using him the whole time.” This report was debunked by Gossip Cop saying the couple's marriage wasn't over.

Another report in September claimed the couple was embroiled in explosive fights and that George was "trapped in a bad marriage" with Amal.

“They appear to have one of the best relationships going, but it just hasn’t been true lately… They’ve been at odds with each other like never before," a purported friend told Life & Style magazine.

However, Gossip Cop rejected these claims along with another that came out in July about George and Amal's $1 billion divorce.