• Max Verstappen contract extension until end of 2023
  • Charles LeClerc extends contract until 2024
  • Verstappen says he is happy to continue the relationship

Red Bull has announced they will be extending Max Verstappen’s contract for a further two years until 2023.

The 2021 driver merry-go-round in Formula One was set to be the most exciting for two reasons.

For one, almost everyone on the grid is going to be out of contract at the end of the current campaign, so there would be a major reshuffle as teams scrambled to get the best in the market.

The second thing is the regulations to be enforced in the 2021 season would present an interesting set of circumstances for both the drivers and the teams.

In any case, the driver move rumors looked to dominate the news agenda as far as formula one goes following the 2020 season.

However, Red Bull Team Boss Christian Horner claimed last year he would not be surprised if everyone ended up in the same seats they are in at present.

Verstappen said he was happy to extend his partnership with the team. He added that Red Bull believed in him and provided him with the chance to start in Formula One, which is something that he has always been grateful for.

Horner claimed that it was fantastic news for the team to have extended their agreement with Verstappen up to and including the 2023 season.

He emphasized that Max has proven to be an asset to the team. He believes in the partnership as well that Red Bull established with Honda, and they are delighted to extend the relationship for the next few years.

Others have also extended their contracts, though. Though it was predicted, Ferrari announced an extension for Charles LeClerc to keep the driver at Scuderia up until 2024.

It is understandable, though, why Red Bull would be especially keen on keeping Verstappen. It seems they may need him more than he does them.

If Max decided to leave Red Bull at the end of the 2020 season, Red Bull would be left without an experienced driver.

Alex Albon was their follow-up driver, but he is inexperienced and not ready to face up to the likes of Hamilton and LeClerc. Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly were also unlikely options for the Red Bull seat.

It is not a good time for the team to search for a new lead driver.

Horner claimed that Max is arguably the most in form driver at present in Formula One as he became the clear team leader in experience and pace.

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Max Verstappen Pixabay