iPhone 5 new design
iPhone 5 new design REUTERS

Rumors about the over-hyped iPhone 5's launch date, redesign and new features have begun swirling again even as year 2011 draws to a close.

Apple, the world's no.1 technology company will launch a totally redesigned iPhone in Oct. 2012, the same month its predecessor - iPhone 4S - was released this year, BGR reported confidently.

Citing a close source, BGR reported Apple's next generation iPhone will have a rubber or plastic bezel connecting its glass front to an aluminum back plate. The material of the bezel will be similar to the material used for the iPhone's official bumper cases, according to BGR.

Moreover, the previous antenna system will also be redesigned - it will be covered with the new bezel and will surround the device, allowing the new iPhone's rear case to be built out of aluminum. It also means Apple will not use the large black plastic strip currently fitted on the back of WiFi + 3G iPad.

And iPhone 5''s display will be larger - about 4-inches, the report also mentioned.

Earlier rumors suggested that iPhone 5 will boast of improved Siri, 4G LTE compatibility, A6 Quad-core processor and NFC (Near Field Communication).

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