Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon is seen at the Hollywood premiere of "Hot Pursuit" on May 1, 2015. Reuters

Reese Witherspoon has yet another career accolade to add to her already impressive résumé. The Oscar-winning actress has officially ventured into the lifestyle brand business with her own online shopping site.

The company, called Draper James, focuses on “Southern style.” On the site, users can purchase everything from items for the home to jewelry and clothes. According to Women’s Wear Daily, 40 percent of the items sold on Draper James are actually made in the South. Witherspoon, 39, named the company after her grandparents, who she says taught her “everything I know about gracious Southern living.”

During a New York photo shoot, the "Wild" actress broke down the major differences between Southern and Northern living. She revealed that the biggest differences seem to be Southern women’s affinity for patterns and bold colors.

“In the South, there’s a lot of color, prints, tradition, traditional fabrics like gingham, plaids, stripes,” she explained. “There’s also definitely a feeling that what you wear makes you feel better, especially if you’re wearing color, prints or joyful things.”

While the site’s main focus is shopping, Draper James aims to be much more. It features an editorial section that spotlights Southern chefs, authors, musicians and more. The site’s first blog was written by Witherspoon and details the ways in which her grandparents instilled Southern values in her.

“From them I learned to dress and act like a lady, to take pride in my home, to reach out to help a neighbor, and to always invite everyone in for a visit,” she wrote.

Witherspoon isn’t the first actress to foray into the lifestyle market. Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively have both launched relatively successful companies. What sets Draper James apart from Goop and Preserve is, unlike Paltrow and Lively, Witherspoon is a majority shareholder in the company. This is likely why she has been so hands-on with the project, appearing in videos for the site, writing and pushing the idea of Southern hospitality at events centered around her fledgling brand.