Galaxy Note 7
The Samsung Galaxy Note FE will have most of the same specs of the original Note 7. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Samsung will be releasing its refurbished Galaxy Note 7 soon, and reports suggest it might launch on July 7. The refurbished Galaxy Not 7 is widely believed to be called the “Fandom Edition” variant or the Note FE.

The July 7 release date for the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. The phone is said to arrive in South Korea on that date, but it won’t likely Officially hit the United States market. However, that won’t surely stop import or export sellers from trying to bring it to other countries.

The WSJ’s report was then later corroborated by the Yonhap News Agency. In its report, the agency claims that the refurbished Galaxy Note FE will cost lower than 700,000 won (or less than US$616). If this is true, this means that the Galaxy Note FE will cost significantly less than the original Galaxy Note 7, which arrived last year with a $849 price tag for its unlocked version.

The reported July 7 release date for the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 and its pricing hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung yet. If this release date is accurate, we should expect an official announcement from Samsung soon since July 7 is already next Friday.

The original Galaxy Note 7 was lauded heavily by fans and critics when it first arrived last year. However, a few weeks later, numerous users reported that their handset would spontaneously combust or randomly catch fire. This forced Samsung to recall the Note 7 and eventually completely discontinue the handset as it still posed a great threat to its consumers.

With the refurbished “Fandom Edition” version of the Note 7, Samsung is believed to have used less dangerous components for this device. Samsung reported that the main cause of the Note 7 disaster was from defective batteries from two of its suppliers.

With the Galaxy Note FE, it’s believed that Samsung will be placing a smaller 3,200 mAh battery on this device rather than the original 3,500 mAh capacity, according to Android Authority. This might result in less battery life, but it should be one of the necessary solutions that Samsung had to implement to avoid another disaster.

Earlier this year, Samsung also announced its it 8-Point Battery Check Safety Check, which puts the company’s batteries through rigorous testing. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are said to be the first of Samsung devices to go through this safety precaution, and there have been no reports of S8 units exploding yet.

It should go without saying that the Galaxy Note FE will go through the same safety check process, which includes a durability test, charge/discharge test, visual inspection and an X-ray test.

The rest of the Galaxy Note FE’s specs are also expected to be the same with the original Note 7. It will still come with the same quad HD AMOLED display, the Exynos 8890 processor along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage and the 12MP rear camera.

On the software side of things, the Galaxy Note FE will come with Samsung’s latest software updates. Samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby, is said to be available on the device.