Jimmy Mcmillan
American political activist, Vietnam War veteran, self proclaimed karate expert as well as a former postal worker, Jimmy McMillan, the man with the luxurious white beard, has definitely grabbed the attention of the media. He is best known as the founder the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, a New York-based political party. One of the more illustrative republican presidential candidates, McMillan has a hit rap single featuring the ‘Rent Is Too Damn High Party’ theme song. He seems to have garnered the support of many average Americans who agree that the rent is indeed too damn high. McMillan takes his candidacy very seriously and has expresses his opinions on an number of issues. In an interview with revolution radio McMillan acknowledged the threat posed by Obama and remarked that Obama is “a good-looking young guy, and I’m a handsome old dude. So there’s gonna be some competition there”. New York Daily News

Ok. Who didn’t see this coming? The phrase was just too catchy to not be a song, and the beginning of the New York City mayoral race made for perfect timing.

Jimmy McMillan, founder of the New York-based Rent Is Too Damn High political party, released a new music video this week called -- of course -- “Rent Is Too Damn High.” It's had more than 50,000 views on YouTube since it was posted on Wednesday.

The 67-year-old, who’s run for mayor of New York City six times since 1993, raps:

“I’m Jimmy McMillan 2013 / I’m running for mayor / Come and run with me! / I say the rent is too damn high / I say the rent is too damn high!”

Here's perhaps our favorite YouTube comment on the video:

“I’d move to NY to vote for you but rent is too damn high!”

Well, if McMillan’s political career doesn’t work out, it looks like he might have some other options.

Watch the music video below: