Palm and Sprint are now hoping to launch the new Pre handset in May, according to a media report.

According to news site Phone News, which credits leaked internal memos for the information, employees at Sprint retail stores have been instructed to cancel holiday time in May and begin training on the features and uses of the new Palm Smartphone.

The email said that Sprint employees would not be allowed to take vacation during month of May as the training will be underway.

The report speculates that the company is looking at one of two plans which would see the device released in either mid-May or late June, depending on expected stockpiles of the handsets and customer demand.

The first scenario involves a May 17 launch date, which assumes Palm can get enough Pres in Sprint's hands by the end of this month or the beginning of May. If not, the phone will be released June 29.

When the Pre was first unveiled in January at the CES conference in Las Vegas, Palm had set July 1 as the preliminary release date.

Various reports have been making headlines in the smartphone sector. Just last week, Apple made news after making a massive chip order, sparking rumors that the company is working on a new iPhone model.

In addition to the attention the iPhone and Pre has been receiving, there has also been ongoing speculation about new Google Android devices and the expected launch of Toshiba's new TG01 Snapdragon handset.