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Alex is an investigative reporter on the Political Capital team focusing on money in politics. Before joining IBT, he worked as a researcher and writer for the Institute for Southern Studies in Durham, NC and as a freelance journalist in New York City, having been published by over 20 outlets including AlterNet, the Center for Media and Democracy, Rewire, Salon, Truthout  and For more on Alex, please visit To leak to Alex via encrypted email, download his PGP key.


First Responders Sue Texas Chemical Plant For Gross Negligence

Seven members of local law enforcement and the fire department who responded to explosions at an Arkema chemical plant in the Houston area are suing the company, alleging that it failed to properly inform them of the dangers of toxic fumes they faced.

Health Insurers, Big Oil Seek To Influence Pence

Vice President Mike Pence has been directly lobbied by major health care and drug companies, Wall Street firms, oil and gas interests and industry groups interested in shaping a federal infrastructure privatization initiative.

Bernie’s Pharma Bill Would Save Billions

A new Congressional Budget Office analysis shows that a bill introduced by Sanders and Senate Democrats allowing foreign drug imports would save the federal government $6 billion. But other Democrats aren't onboard.

House Democrats Bet On The ‘Blue Dogs’

To the fury of progressives, the Democratic congressional campaign group is relying on the party’s conservative wing and Wall Street money to help win back the U.S. House.
Tomahawk missile

Missile Stocks Soar, Guns Slump Under Trump

The U.S. stock market has seen a major boom since Donald Trump was elected, with the private prison, defense, finance and materials industries making big gains. Gun manufacturers and coal companies, however, have seen better days.
Kamala Harris

Is Kamala Harris Looking At 2020?

The California senator — in the spotlight thanks to her sharp interrogations of Jeff Sessions and other officials — met with major Democratic fundraisers last weekend.