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Kofi Annan Appointed as Special Envoy: New Hope for Syria?

Gowan also added to the news service that Despite Annan's personal profile, the key to successful mediation is for him to have genuine political support from across the international system. If the Russians and Chinese don't give him sufficient support, Assad and his supporters are likely to refuse to talk seriously.

Somali Children as Human Shields in Combat, Abused and Forced into Marriage: Rights Group

Somalia is not the only country known for inflicting such horror on children. During a period of intensified Palestinian–Israeli violence that started in 2000, gunmen surrounded themselves with children while shooting on Israeli forces. Various other reports have also suggested that the Taliban used women and children from their own communities as human shields against coalition forces around the year 2006.

Syria Unrest: Who Are Assad's Mercenary Thugs Raising Riot on the Streets of Damascus?

Recent reports have indicated that Assad’s once-unshakable grip on power might soon crumble, with the Syrian regime running out of funds to maintain the Shabiha militia. As a consequence, the group may turn its back on the regime, thereby leading Assad to lose control on the ground. The U.S has already imposed tough sanctions on Damascus in response to the crackdown, according to reports.

Deadly Prison Riot Kills 44 in Mexico [PHOTOS]

The incident comes nearly a week after the deadly blaze in Honduras' prison that killed more than 350 inmates. Mexico's prisons are long known to be overcrowded and a majority of the inmates are usually gang members.

iPad 3: The Apps Apple Might Unveil on March 7

While tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for Apple's upcoming iPad 3, officials at the Cupertino headquarters are apparently working hard on making the third generation tablet a stupefying success.

Xi Jinping: Top Eight Facts About China's 'Next Political Leader'

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is eager to show the world that he has what it takes to lead the world's second-largest economy once he's elected as President. Jinping's official visit to Washington on Tuesday has catapulted him into the international spotlight, thus providing the first glimpse of the man most likely to be China's next leader.

Porn and Politics in India: What Worries the Citizens?

Though sex scandals involving celebrities and sages are not new in India, yet the latest scandal involving three ministers watching porn in the legislative assembly comes as a stark revelation of the double standards of the politicians in the country.

Top 10 Best Paying Companies in 2012

For many Americans, 2011 ended on a somewhat pessimistic note. Income barely rose and consumers tapped their savings during the crucial Christmas season. Despite things looking ahead for 2012, chances of an economic recession have urged many people to lookout for a job with better perks.