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U.S. Holiday Sales Will Rise 4.2 Percent: IHS

A November note from the Conference Board placed consumer confidence in the U.S. at a four-month high of 56.0, from a low of 40.9 in July. Most startlingly, however, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) soared to its largest month-over-month percentage gain since April, 2009 and its largest single points gain since April, 2003.

Many Americans Unaware of Being HIV-Infected

One in every five HIV-positive Americans are unaware of their condition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. That's 240,000, out of 1.2 million Americans, of whom just an estimated 28 percent have the infection under control.

Toyota Unveils ‘Smartphone on Wheels’

Want to change the way your car looks just by pressing a button? Well, you could probably do so in near future, as Toyota has unveiled a futuristic concept car which promises exactly that and much more.

Break Your Bank: Super Luxury Christmas Gifts for 2011

Forget the sorry shape of the current economy. With Christmas round the corner, you need ever inventive ideas for that perfect gift. Here are ten ideas, from diamonds to yachts, which will define luxury, if you have a few million dollars to spare, that is.

Why U.S. Ranks Poorly in Life Expectancy

Mark Pearson, head of the OECD health division attributes the higher prices to lack of ‘an effective government mechanism that acts to keep prices down.’ That's simply not there in the U.S. system. So it's a structural defect, he said.

Top Online Stores for Cyber Monday 2011

Cyber Monday is around the corner and with it comes a number of sizeable discounts on a whole lot of gadgets. Several top-notch retailers offer the convenience of shopping online for exciting items. Other prominent retailers like Dell, ThinkGeek and Sony are also expected to offer deals for their products on their Web sites.

Former P&G CEO John Smale Dead at 84

A Procter & Gamble Co. representative said former company CEO John Smale, 84, died Saturday in Cincinnati. No immediate details regarding his death were revealed.

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus May be Launched in U.S. on Dec. 8: Reports

Samsung and Verizon Wireless are disappointing many eager smartphone fans by not releasing the Galaxy Nexus in the United States by the rumored Nov. 21 deadline. Now, the latest speculation has it that the smartphone will be launched Dec 8, according to a post.

Hot Black Friday Deals

Black Friday crowds are upbeat about the highly anticipated shopping festival of the year. And adding to their joy, many stores have announced their plan to open early on Thanksgiving. Many of the stores claim to have mind blowing deals.

NASA Hiring Astronauts

But as Janet Kavandi, NASA flight crew operations director, said,” The experience is well worth the wait.”