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End of an Era for GOP and Latinos?

If Mitt Romney grabs the GOP presidential nod, he would be the first Republican candidate in decades to take hard line on immigration policies that Latinos support.

Obama and the Courts, by the Numbers

A new report from Brookings Institute shows President Barack Obama faces more federal judicial vacancies than he can keep up with and a longer confirmation process for his choices.

CEOs Got SEC's Back in Legal Fight Over Settlement Policy

A group that represents CEOs of major U.S. corporations, including Citigroup, defended the SEC's settlement with the financial giant that allowed the company to avoid admitting any liability or wrongdoing in a securities fraud case.

Obama Administration Says Richard Cordray Appointment Legal

The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel said in a legal memo that the Senate was unable to perform its constitutional duties on presidential nominees, despite holding "pro forma" sessions aimed at blocking recess appointments.

Obama's Recess Appointments Reopen Murky Legal Debate

The president's recess appointment power under the Constitution is not without its ambiguities, and the president's use of this power in light of these ambiguities has given rise to significant political and legal controversy since the beginning of the Republic.