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Ellen Killoran is the Media & Culture Editor at IBTimes. She previously contributed to The L Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, and The Daily, and co-produced the HBO documentary "Youth Knows No Pain." Write her at e.killoran@ibtimes, and follow her on Twitter @EllenKilloran.


Code Vein

'Code Vein' Delayed To 2019

Bandai Namco didn't provide any specifics on why it decided to push back the release date of "Code Vein," but it said that the move is necessary to "refine its gameplay" and "exceed expectations."
John McCain

US Navy Dedicates Missile Destroyer To Sen McCain

Responding to the honor, Sen. McCain said: “I am deeply honored to be added to the name of the naval destroyer USS John S. McCain. … I hope the generations of sailors who will serve aboard the USS McCain will find the same fulfillment that my family does in serving a cause greater than oneself.”