• A Michigan resident shared a video of an alleged color-changing UFO
  • The mysterious object displayed multiple bright colors
  • A UFO expert believes the object came from an underwater alien base

An eyewitness from Michigan captured a video of an alleged UFO that changed colors as it flew across the sky. A UFO expert believes the mysterious object came from an underwater alien base in Lake Michigan.

On Thursday, YouTube user Nate H. from Michigan captured a video of a strange object flying in the sky at midnight and shared it on his channel. As seen in the clip, the object sparkled brightly as it displayed various colors.

According to the eyewitness, the object did not resemble a traditional aircraft. It also did not produce a noticeable sound as it flew over him.

“I stepped out on deck just past midnight on 8-13-2020 and looked up at stars and spotted this one odd flickering saucer / elliptical-shaped object in the sky in the west, (slightly north of west pointing off-camera),” he stated in the description of his video. “It stayed in that area. Was not a plane, jet or helicopter. Rapidly changing multiple bright colors were emitting from it.”

After reviewing the clip, Scott Waring of the blog ET DataBase claimed that the strange object was an alien vessel. He said it deliberately switched to different colors as it flew across the sky to catch the attention of the people on the ground.

The UFO expert also claimed that the alleged alien vessel intentionally made itself visible to signal to the eyewitnesses that it came in peace.

“The colors could be done on purpose to get the attention of the human eyewitnesses and to put them at ease,” Waring stated in a blog post. “What I mean is, some colors are less frightening than others and it's showing a lot of purple/violet colors...which are considered soothing and meditative helping.”

“Clearly the aliens wanted to be seen and wanted to make a good first impression on the humans watching,” he continued.

Waring believes that the alleged alien vessel came from an underwater base hidden beneath Lake Michigan. This theory coincides with his previous blog post about finding the entrances to underground alien bases in South Carolina.

Two airline pilots traveling over Arizona claim they were passed by unidentified flying objects while flying at over 30,000 feet in the air, March 27, 2018. Above is a representational image. PhotoVision/Pixabay