• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have spotted an alien building and a vessel on Mercury
  • Photos of the alleged alien objects on Mercury came from NASA and Google
  • Waring believes the objects were built by aliens on Mercury

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a couple of strange objects in the craters of Mercury. According to the expert, he came across images that show an alleged alien structure and a vessel on the planet.

Scott Waring of ET DataBase reported about the strange sightings in his recent blog posts. In one post, he wrote about an alleged alien structure he found on Mercury.

Waring revealed that he came across the image of the strange object while he was browsing the photos captured by the Messenger spacecraft, a robotic probe launched by NASA in 2004 to observe the planet from orbit.

In one of the photos, Waring claimed to have spotted a strange object inside a massive crater on the surface of Mercury. Based on its appearance, he speculated that it was a massive alien vessel that was over 2 kilometers wide.

“I have found a structure within a crater on planet Mercury today,” the alien hunter explained in a blog post. “The structure has three long segments to it. Each part is alongside the next. NASA map says this is 2.5km across by 2.5km high. That’s a huge structure. The way it’s laying down and the way the three segments are side by side make me think this is a ship and can move from place to place.”

The alleged alien ship is not the only strange object that Waring spotted on Mercury. In another blog post, the UFO expert claimed to have seen a massive building on the surface of the planet.

Waring said he spotted the alleged alien building while using Google’s Mercury map. According to the UFO expert, the massive object could be about 10 kilometers tall. Based on its appearance, he believes that it was built by an intelligent race of aliens that lived on Mercury.

“With a species able to construct a 10km tall’s just absolute proof of intelligent beings out there,” he stated. “Even with less gravity on Mercury...still an incredible achievement.”

Although Waring used official photos in his blog posts, neither NASA nor Google has released information that could verify his claims regarding the alleged alien structures on Mercury.

NASA has shared an image of a stunning impact crater on Mercury. Pictured: In this handout from NASA, the surface of Mercury is seen in a picture taken by NASA's Messenger spacecraft as it approached the planet January 14, 2008. The image was taken from about 11,000 miles from the planet and shows a region 300 miles across. Getty Images/NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington