Articles by Lydia O'Neal

Lydia is a reporter on the Political Capital Team from Philadelphia and an Emory University graduate in French and economics. Previously an IBTimes breaking news writer specializing in business, she has written for CNN, Consumer Reports, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Allentown Morning Call.


Inside The Fight To End Drug Price-Gouging

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy opposed a bill to curb drug price fraud — while insurance and pharma money poured into his governors' association and his insurance commissioner maintained a close relationship with the industry.

Who's Paying To Shape Tax Policy

Business advocacy organizations and Koch-affiliated political groups have been gearing up for tax reform — spending millions to influence it.

When And How To Ask For That First Raise

Leadership consultant Stacey Hanke offered advice for millennials getting started at their first full-time, long-term jobs, including how to pop the big question later on.

Who Wants The Arbitration Rule Repealed?

Behind what many frame as a battle in the name of either consumer protection or legal-system waste lies a fight between big bank and attorney lobbyists with vested interests.

Why So Many Millennials Have Side Hustles

The prevalence of side jobs among younger workers, experts say, likely has more to do with the ease of access that comes with technological innovation than with the student debt crisis.

Food Stamp Funding For Jeff Bezos?

As Whole Foods opens stores in low-income neighborhoods, it's likely gaining access to billions of taxpayer dollars — adding to the sizable bundle of government subsidies that already goes to Amazon.