Articles by Lydia O'Neal

Lydia is a reporter on the Political Capital Team from Philadelphia and an Emory University graduate in French and economics. Previously an IBTimes breaking news writer specializing in business, she has written for CNN, Consumer Reports, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Allentown Morning Call.

Is Tesla Running Out Of Money?

Elon Musk's brainchild is counting on a pickup in auto and residential solar panel sales to pick up the tab for his company's exorbitant expenditures.

Why Banks Want To Save The National Flood Insurance Program

As Hurricanes Harvey and Irma battered America's eastern coasts, banks and financial industry advocacy groups flocked to Capitol Hill to push for reauthorization of the taxpayer bailout program for the country's flood-prone waterfront real estate.

In An Uncertain Economy, Networking Is Millennials' Social Safety Net

Kelly Hoey, who literally wrote the book on networking, sees the practice as the best bet for young professionals navigating a fast-evolving economy. “We already said, ‘Well, everyone should learn to code,’” the tech investor said. “But machines may do coding for us, so what’s next?”



Qualcomm Sees Earnings Below Street As Smartphone Market Sags

Qualcomm Inc forecast second-quarter revenue and profit below Wall Street estimates on Thursday as the chipmaker grapples with the combined toll of weak demand for smartphones and a supply glut, a situation that is expected to persist into the first-half of this year.