If this is iPad 2, what will iPad 3 look like?
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March 7, the day when Apple is expected to unveil its next generation tablet, dubbed iPad 3, is nearing and speculations about the features and the cost of the new tablet have hit a fever pitch. As early as Feb. 9, AllThingsd had reported that Apple is set to launch its third-generation tablet during the first week of March in San Francisco, sending Apple watchers into a frenzy. Now as the D-day draws closer, one question is on everybody's lips - what features will iPad 3 boast of? It's difficult to answer that question till the moment iPad 3 is unveiled, but for the impatient many, here's a rundown of the features that are guaranteed to make iPad 3 a best seller.

(1) Retina Display

The iPad 3 is expected to bump up with an extra-ordinary HD display resolution of 2048x1536 pixels that will exhibit an improved, brighter display. The resolution of iPad 3 will be double of iPad 2. On Feb. 28, ZDNET reported that the upcoming iPad 3 will possess the retina display feature. It will offer a clearer and sharper viewing experience to watch the videos or in playing the games. Yes, this is one features iPad fans will be eagerly looking forward to.

(2) Better Camera

iPad 2 disappointed in the camera department, featuring a 0.7 megapixel with 720p video capture capabilities and a secondary front-facing VGA, one for video chat. However, that's not enough as competitors are shipping tablets with 3-megapixel, 5-megapixel and even 8-megapixel shooters. Therefore, Apple needs to do better. The iPad 3 is expected to come up with upgraded camera features. It is assumed to feature 8-megapixels camera with full HD quality video capture capability, as well as a front-facing camera for HD quality FaceTime video chat.

iPad 2

(3) Faster Processor

It is unlikely that Apple will power iPad 3 with a dual-core A5 processor since the same chip already powers iPad 2. That would be so uncool. Hence, this time, iPad 3 is expected to be powered by a quad-core A6 processor, which will result in faster overall performance and superior handling of graphics. Apple will want the iPad 3 to steal a march in the tablet race by including the faster processor, since the iPad 2 has already proved itself as a powerful tablet with the A5 processor.

(4) 4G LTE

It is no more interesting to use the same old 3G technology that used in iPad 2. iPad 3 is expected to come up with the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) feature that will help its users browse and download content at speed ten times faster than 3G. Equipping the iPad 3 with 4g LTE option could deal a killer blow on rival tablets.

iPad 3 will debut with 4G LTE option?

(5) Siri

For Apple fans who do not own an iPhone 4S and have not used the Siri technology, it is an excellent opportunity for Apple to get them introduced to Siri, the voice assistant that can do many things including send out messages, organize meetings, search locations, call someone, and more. Siri has played an instrumental role in iPhone 4S success (despite being in beta version) and if iPad 3 features Siri, the new Apple tablet will draw huge crowds.

Siri 2

(6) NFC (Near Field Communication)

The iPad 3 is expected to include NFC technology that allows simplified transactions, data exchange, and connections with a touch. If NFC comes to iPad 3, you'll be able to use the tablet to make a credit card payment or use it as a keycard or ID card.

New iPad 3 Concept

(7) iOS 6

The debut of iPad 3 could be the best opportunity for Apple to introduce iOS 6, provided the next generation mobile operating system is ready for release. iOS 5 offered significant advancements over iOS 4, bringing over 200 new features, including iCloud and iMessage. iOS 6 is expected to be more than just tweaks and if it is unveiled together with the iPad 3, Apple will have a sureshot winner in its hands.


(8) Better Battery

The iPad 3 is expected to boast of 4G LTE, a faster processor and Retina Display. They all need a lot of juice and hence the new tablet is expected to accommodate a bigger, better battery so that users can enjoy the new tablet without worrying about recharging it.

 better battery

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