Angry birds

The latest Blackberry Playbook has got a pretty good collection of games in its store. It is fun to play the games on Blackberry Playbook, especially as the new PlayBook OS 2.0 is now out. Check out some of the popular BlackBerry PlayBook games here.

1) Angry Birds

This is one of the most popular games application in the world. You will get loads of fun destroying the green pigs who stole the birds' eggs. The game There are 288 levels that need the brilliant logic as well as brute force to kill the enemy.

Cost : $4.99 USD

2) Bubble Birds Premium

This is a fun app where the user must keep shooting the bubble birds of the same color. By doing this one can gain the points.

Cost: $1.99 USD

3) Plants vs. Zombies

This popular app is for those who hate zombies. Especially zombies that would love to eat your brain. Keep the zombies out of your house (and frontyard) by planting zombie-zapping plants (there are 49 of them, each with unique ability). Prevent the 26 different types of zombies from reaching your door.

Cost: $4.99 USD

4) Machinarium

This is an award winning game that boasts of funny graphics combined with logic puzzles. One who enjoys solving puzzles will have a great time playing this game.

Cost: $4.99 USD

5) Shopper's Paradise HD

In this game, you have to build stores, hotels and movie theatres. Also you can hire employees, who will manage the inventory and maintain the properties. If required, you can also hire a police to prevent theft (or catch a thief). It is an interesting and an addictive app that will keep the user entertained for hours.

Cost : $2.99 USD

6) Assembler Mobile 2 HD

This free game is about how to balance, adjust and place the shapes to get the green colored shapes in the proper location. It consists of many challenging levels and require brilliant skills to solve them. The game boasts of excellent graphics and outs accelerometer to full use.

7) Bix HD

It is one of the most addicitive games where the user has to control the tracer that keeps on tracing the line. Once the shape is closed, the control has to be taken to jump to the next level. One should not touch the balls during the tracing. The bonus points can be gained by making bigger shapes. In spite of having mediocre graphics, the game is fun to be played.

Cost: $0.99 USD

8) Droplets HD

This game can be the most challenging and has been designed very well for the Blackberry Playbook users. One can experience the amazing sounds of the rainforest. There are various levels that will test the logic and the skills of the game player. As the level increases, the game gets more complicated. It will keep the users entertained for hours.

Cost: $2.99 USD

9) Smiles HD

It is one of the award winning games that involves solving puzzles. It is a game with an excellent gameplay mechanic. The fun filled game needs a lot of patience though.

Cost:$3.99 USD

10) IronPlane HD

This game boasts of impressive sound and powerful graphics. The user has to control his fighter jet to destroy enemy aircraft.

Cost: $2.99 USD