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Wagner Over Sacred Heart: Prediction

It's a quiet night on the New York sports scene. Both local NBA teams are off and there are no hockey games because of the All-Star break. So how about a Wagner basketball prediction? Last night, if the Knicks' goal was to prove their win over the Bobcats was a fluke, they succeeded. Not all was lost, though. The Nets upset the 76ers 97-90 as they picked up their first victory over a winning team.

Knicks vs. Cavs, Nets vs. 76ers: Predictions

Boy, did the Knicks need this one. Last night marked the start of New York's toughest stretch of the season-eight games in 12 days. After two brutal weeks without a win, the Knicks had to play well in Charlotte. Looking forward, today's predictions: Knicks vs. Cavs and Nets vs. 76ers? Let's say one win and one loss for the home teams, but which is which?

New York Knicks vs. Charlotte Bobcats: Preview and the Line

The Nets were feeling good about themselves coming into this one. They had just won two of their last three games and were looking to prove they could compete with one of the league's best teams. But just a few hours later, New Jersey is still searching for that quality win. And the Knicks are favored by 4.5 points--that's how bad the Bobcats have been.

The Beauty of Bergdorf's

On the sidewalk of any other major city in the world, you'd think you were home, with Starbucks, KFC and the like. But You'll only see Bergdorf's in New York.

Judge Denies Permit to Occupy Protesters

Occupy Wall Street's plan to occupy the courts on Friday hit a snag after a federal judge denied the protesters a permit to rally outside the federal courthouse at 500 Pearl Street in Manhattan.

CIA, NYPD Link Was 'Extralegal'

Recent evidence shows that the collaboration between the NYPD and CIA, which turned the NYPD into one of the most aggressive domestic intelligence agencies, may not have been by the book.

NYPD Intellegence Division Facing Racism Charges

Detectives in the NYPD's Intelligence Division have joined with the New York Civil Liberties Union to file a federal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that white detectives have been picked over more qualified black officers for promotions.


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US Expands Russian Sanctions

The Biden administration on Friday added further sanctions on Russia and Russian entities following Putin's annexation of four regions in Ukraine.