As Florida grapples with a rise in COVID-19 cases and with Joe Biden surging in most polls, Miami Republican Mayor Francis Suarez said Wednesday that he wouldn't commit to voting for President Trump.

“I want to see what both candidates have to offer for the urban communities before making up my mind on who I’m going to support,” Suarez told Politico.

Suarez, 42, was elected as mayor of Miami in 2018 and is the son of Cuban immigrant and former Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez.

Suarez has become concerned about the rising number of coronavirus cases in his city and issued a citywide mask mandate. On Friday, Trump will visit Miami, with Suarez expecting the president to wear a mask.

Although Florida has a Republican governor and two Republican U.S. Senators, the state could be an uphill battle for Trump in November’s election. The impact of the virus on Florida could influence how seniors vote. Florida’s Department of Health on Wednesday confirmed 9,989 additional cases in the state, with Florida having a total number of 223,783 cases. The state’s death toll is at 3,889.

A TIPP poll in mid-June showed Biden with an 11 point lead in Florida, a state with 29 electoral votes. A recent CNBC/Change Research poll shows Biden leading Trump, 50% to 45%. A Fox News survey shows Biden leading Trump, 49% to 40%.

In 2016, Trump edged Hillary Clinton, 49.02% to 47.82%.