Capcom has announced that it will finally show off gameplay footage of Claire Redfield in the remake of “Resident Evil 2.” The company also published a bunch of new screenshots showing Claire alongside Sherry Birkin and a familiar foe.

Capcom said that new gameplay footage of “Resident Evil 2” will be shown at Gamescom 2018. The video game convention kicks off today in Cologne, Germany and will run until Aug. 25. The video game publisher also provided some details on what to expect from the Claire gameplay footage that it will showcase during the convention.

Resident Evil 2 Sherry Birkin in Resident Evil 2 remake. Photo: Capcom

“Surviving the streets of the once-lively city, Claire manages to make her way to the Raccoon City police station, hoping to find information on the whereabouts of her brother, Chris… but she finds something much more sinister instead,” Capcom said in a blog post.

“In this preview, Claire explores a new portion of the R.P.D. before encountering a small, young abandoned child hiding in the sewers and waterways beneath the iconic station. Long-time fans need no introduction to who this child is, or the reason she’s running scared; Sherry Birkin warns Claire that a horrendous monster is right behind her, and the next chapter in her fight for survival begins.”

William Birkin Mutated William Birkin returns in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Photo: Capcom

The previously released gameplay footage of the “Resident Evil 2” remake focused on Leon S. Kennedy and showed the newly redesigned look of the Raccoon City Police Department. The new preview will focus on Claire and it looks like it will primarily be showing the sewer area of the police department.

Screenshots released by Capcom also revealed the mutated form of Dr. William Birkin, who infected himself with the G-Virus. Like in the 1998 version of “Resident Evil 2,” Dr. Birkin, who's still wielding a pipe in the remake, will pursue Claire and Sherry throughout the game.

Claire Claire Redfield will finally be shown off in a new gameplay footage for Resident Evil 2. Photo: Capcom

“Just like with Leon, Claire will have her own, full campaign that takes her through Raccoon City, the police department, and beyond. Familiar faces from the original game have received stunning upgrades in this remake, using the RE Engine to scan real people, right down to their clothing, to bring the heroes, villains, and world of ‘Resident Evil 2’ to life,” Capcom said. “The new ‘Resident Evil 2’ wraps everything up in an experience that both veteran fans and Resident Evil newcomers can enjoy.”

The “Resident Evil 2” remake is scheduled to be released on Jan. 25, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.