“The Resident” is picking up right where it left off after its Season 1 finale when it returns for its sophomore run on Fox.

When the Season 2 premiere of the medical drama airs tonight at 8 p.m. EDT, right before a new episode of “9-1-1,” it’ll answer some of the questions raised at the end of last season. Season 2, episode 1, titled “00:42:30,” brings fans right back into the halls of Chastain Memorial Hospital, but they’ll be a little darker than before.

“Chastain Memorial Hospital suffers a blackout that requires the staff to treat their patients without the help of any technology,” the synopsis reveals. “Bell (Bruce Greenwood) orders the staff to stop accepting new patients and transfer those on life support, but when a child in need is rushed to the ER, Conrad (Matt Czuchry) and Devon (Manish Dayal) go against the mandate.”

In the Season 2 trailer, Devon questions if he and Conrad are making the right decision about working on the child.

“Are we really doing this?” he asks.

the resident s2
“The Resident” comes back on Fox on Monday. Miranda Penn Turin/FOX

Meanwhile, Mina (Shaunette Renée Wilson) and Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) must work together to perform heart surgery on a premature baby, even though the power’s out. As for Nic (Emily VanCamp), she does her best to keep the staff and patients organized.

This is the first new episode of “The Resident” since the show wrapped up its first season in May. To recap, the Season 1 finale brought the end of Dr. Lane Hunter’s (Melina Kanakaredes) illegal ways when she was arrested, thanks to Bell, Nic and Conrad. While dealing with the Lane situation, Conrad had to ask for a favor from his dad, Marshall (Glenn Morshower), which he hated doing. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the two would have to start working together even more because Marshall was the new chair of the hospital’s board.

Also in the Season 1 finale, Mina’s boyfriend-of-sorts, Micah (Patrick R. Walker), had to be rushed back to the hospital because of new heart complications.

Find out what happens next when “The Resident” Season 2 premieres on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.