• Sony hasn't announced the upcoming PlayStation 5's price yet
  • A games retailer has announced that it is accepting preorders for the PS5
  • The retailer has listed it at a very cheap price

A video game retailer has announced that it is accepting pre-orders for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming console, selling it for a very low price.

While Sony hasn't announced the official price of its upcoming next-gen console yet, a video games retailer in Canada has already announced its potential price and is already accepting pre-orders for the machine.

Play N Trade, a retailer in Vancouver Island in Canada, has announced that it is “now accepting PS5 reservations” on its website, and adds that every household will be limited to two units only. Notebookcheck, the site that first spotted the listing, reported that according to a Facebook message from the retailer, each unit will cost CAD$559, which roughly converts to USD$397.

In a Facebook post, Play N Trade added that it is offering “free shipping nationwide on all orders” that were processed between March 27 (the time of posting) and April 20.


Although Sony hasn't announced official pricing yet, it's interesting to see how a retailer has pegged it at about USD$400. Comicbook noted that if the price is accurate, it means that the next-gen console will be way cheaper than expected. It would simply fit Mark Cerny's description of the PS5 having an “appealing” price.

Of course, it's also worth considering that the list price is meant to be a placeholder. Notebookcheck speculated that the retailer could simply offer the PS5 for USD$400 now, and then add the remaining actual costs when Sony reveals the official price:

“But there is the likelihood that once the actual PlayStation 5 price is known, then whatever has already been paid will simply be classed as a deposit with a price adjustment to follow,” Notebookcheck said.

Lastly, there's also the possibility that the listing is “nothing more than pure hogwash,” Comicbook noted. It's possible that it was made to simply get people excited for the upcoming console. That said. Whether the listing is accurate or not, it's not hard to see that players from all over are excited for the PS5's arrival. Stay tuned for more details about the PlayStation 5 as they come.