The Returned - Esther
Episode 6 of "Les Revenants" explored the backstory of Esther (Guillaume Gouix), one of Serge's tunnel victims. SundanceTV/ Jeane-Claude Lother

The mystery of the small French town continued Saturday night on “The Returned.” The SundanceTV series, also known as “Les Revenants,” revealed the backstory of one of Serge’s (Guillaume Gouix) victims in episode six, titled “Esther.”

Episode 6 of “The Returned” begins with a flashback to 10 years ago outside the Lake Pub. A woman named Esther (Mélodie Richard) is exiting the bar and about to go into the tunnel when she’s stopped by a young boy – Victor (Swann Nambotin). Victor tells her not to go into the tunnel, but it’s already too late. Serge grabs Esther from behind and drags her into the tunnel. The flashback ends with Victor walking away.

The Returned - Victor
Victor (Swann Nambotin) tried to warn Esther (Mélodie Richard) before she entered the tunnel in episode 6 of "Les Revenants." SundanceTV

Cut back to current day and Esther is watching Serge sleep in the cabin. The other women that Serge killed are there as well, but Esther seems different. She’s the only one standing and watching him.

Serge is uncomfortable with their presence and wants them to leave, but Toni (Grégory Gadebois) feels bad. He thinks that Serge has been given a second chance and wants his brother to use the opportunity to make amends. He suggests that he brings Esther back to the house where her parents lived. But is Esther’s family even still there? Toni and Serge are taking the risk. The two men take Esther into town while the other women watch from the window.

Elsewhere, Jérôme (Frédéric Pierrot) is in the woods with Berg (Laurent Lucas) trying to find his family. However, the two find something else along the way -- a sinkhole, just like the one near the old dam. Before the two can investigate any further, they run into another person in the woods

On the side of the dead, Virgil (Ernst Umhauer) visits Camille (Yara Pilartz) in her bedroom. But the two lovebirds aren’t alone for long. Claire (Anne Consigny) walks upstairs to check on her daughter and is horrified to see Virgil on top of her. She pulls out a pair of scissors and threatens Virgil, telling him to get out. Virgil appears to take out a blade, but before the situation can escalate any further, Camille jumps at her mom and forces her to drop the scissors. Claire is in shock and it’s unclear if Virgil actually pulled out a blade or if she just hallucinated it.

Meanwhile on the side of the living, the military finally catches a break and is able to get the water to start draining from the flooded side of town. But nothing is that simple in the small village. The newly uncovered area reveals a decomposing body.

As the soldiers discover the body, Adèle (Clotilde Hesme) and Simon (Pierre Perrier) are playing house with Chloé (Brune Martin) and baby Nathan. They’re finally starting to look and act like a family. However, a new development threatens to unravel the progress they’ve made. While Adèle goes to make Nathan a bottle, her ex-fiancé, Thomas (Samir Guesmi), appears behind her.

Adèle is clearly rattled, having not seen Thomas since the police went missing at the Helping Hand. But when she turns around, Thomas is gone. Heading out into the hallway to clear her head, Adèle runs into Père Jean-François (Jérôme Kircher) who breaks the news to her -- the body the military found appears to be Thomas.

Although she’s supposed to be in hiding, Adèle wants to go see his body. She gathers Nathan and tries to convince Chloé to go with her, but Chloé refuses. Simon begs her not to go, fearing that the police won’t let her leave again with Nathan. Adèle’s mind is made though.

“The Returned” cuts back to Toni, Serge and Esther. The trio finally makes it back to the area where Toni believes that Esther used to live, but Esther won’t give any hints that she remembers the area. Serge wants to just leave her there, however, Esther starts walking before the two brothers can discuss things further.

The Returned - Serge & Esther
Serge (Guillaume Gouix) tries to bring Esther (Mélodie Richard) back to her old home in episode 6 of "Les Revenants." SundanceTV

Elsewhere, Pierre (Jean-François Sivadier) discovers that Julie (Céline Sallette) has returned after going missing with the other returned. He’s not sure if she’s dead or alive – and he doesn’t care. Pierre sends Frédéric (Matila Malliarakis) and Lucho (Vincent Trouilleux) to her old apartment to “take care of it.” However, they don’t find Julie at her apartment. Instead, Madame Costa (Laetitia de Fombelle) is there with Victor. Although the two get caught, Victor had a nightmare featuring Lucy (Ana Girardot) and Julie. In the nightmare, Lucy tells Victor that he must help them. Right after Lucy asks for help, Julie seemingly jumps/ falls from a window.

It’s not clear what Victor’s dream means, but right now Julie is fine. She’s currently still at the hospital where a nurse set her up for the night in a closed off wing. But Julie doesn’t stay in the abandoned wing. When she learns that Mr. Lewanski has come out of his coma, she begs the nurse to let her talk to him for a few minutes.

Mr. Lewanski recognizes Julie because she used to be his nurse, but he becomes confused when she begins to talk about his son. She tells him that Victor -- aka Louie -- needs him, and that he needs to get strong for his family. Julie explains to Mr. Lewanski that his wife and two children have returned. But he doesn’t appear to be thrilled about that. With a scared look on his face, Mr. Lewanski begins to tell Julie that she “mustn’t.” However, he’s unable to finish what he was trying to safe. He goes into cardiac arrest, forcing the nurse to remove Julie from the room. When the nurse questions Julie later on, Julie tells her that she told Mr. Lewanski about his son, Louie. However, the nurse tells her that he only had one son -- Paul.

Things continue to get complicated at the Helping Hand with Audrey (Armande Boulanger) locked up in the basement. They’re trying to get answers from her about where the other dead are, but Audrey tells them that she doesn’t know anything. Sandrine (Constance Dollé) begins to feel guilty when she hears her daughter yell for help, however, Pierre won’t let her see her. He tells her that the real Audrey is dead and won’t return.

“We must find their weak spot,” Pierre explains, telling Sandrine that she’s helping them.

It’s still not clear what Pierre and the others at the Helping Hand are up to, but it doesn’t sound good. And things aren’t looking good on the side of the dead either. Jérôme and Berg follow the mysterious man through the woods and watch as he meets with Virgil. The man and Virgil talk for a few minutes before continuing through the woods.

Jérôme follows, hopeful that his family is close by. Meanwhile, Lena is doing her best to take care of her mother and sister, but it’s proving to be difficult. Lena is afraid of the dead and what they might do to them. However, Camille drops a bombshell -- they dead have not attacked the living. Lena is confused because she’s seen the bruises on her mother. But Camille insists that Claire hit herself. She tells her sister that she had to force their mom to stop hitting herself and doesn’t know why she thought she was being attacked. Camille adds that she’s afraid that Claire will end up killing herself if she stays, and tells Lena that Virgil is going to get them out of the area. However, Lena’s not interested in leaving. She tells her sister that they will never abandon her.

As that family bond grows, so does Adèle’s connection with Nathan. She goes to the police headquarters to prove that Nathan has returned and is all right, as well as ask to see Thomas’ body. The police warn her that she and the baby have to stay for observation, and inform her that she’s not allowed to see Thomas’ body. However, after a little bit of begging, Adèle’s finally escorted to see her ex.

Adèle’s about to unzip the body bag when she hallucinates Thomas. He tells her not to open the bag because it would be better to remember him the way he was. But Adèle needs to open the bag for other reasons. She wants to see if he’s really dead -- and also how he died. Adèle fears that Simon killed Thomas, and Thomas tells her that she’s right. He warns her that she can’t trust him -- but can Adèle believe a hallucination of her ex-fiancé?

Although Adèle continues to go back and forth, Chloé can clearly trust her father. While praying at church, Chloé opens her eyes to find Lucy standing before her. But fortunately Chloé’s not alone with her for long. Simon appears and wraps his hands around Lucy’s throat. However, Lucy has some of her minions with her and they pull Simon off of her.

Lucy tells Simon that they need the baby and that he needs to return with them. But Simon’s not interested. He tells Lucy that he loves Adèle and won’t leave her again. Lucy doesn’t believe him though. She warns him that if he stays Adèle will end up like them.

“Les Revenants” viewers are still confused about Lucy and her end goal for the returned, and her connection with Milan (Michaël Abiteboul) doesn’t make things any less complicated. Military scuba divers find Milan at the bottom of the water and bring him to the surface. Although he’s been under water for at least a day, he still manages to open his eyes when he hits land. When the military questions him later, all he says is that he “lost her” and “loves her.” The military doesn’t know what or who he’s talking about, but it’s clear to fans that he’s referring to Lucy. He adds that he never told her that he loved her before.

The Returned - Milan
Milan (Michaël Abiteboul) is questioned by the military in episode 6 of "Les Revenants." SundanceTV

Is Milan turning over a new leaf? Who knows for now, but Serge might actually be. Him and Toni follow Esther to the tunnel, where Toni makes Serge get on his knees and ask Esther for forgiveness.

“Forgive me,” Serge finally says to her. And that’s the first time when Esther speaks.

“Where’s the little boy?” she asks.

Right now Victor is still at Julie’s old apartment with Madame Costa. Frédéric and Lucho never brought them back to the Helping Hand, and are trying to figure out what to do with them. Tired of being held captive, Madame Costa tries to leave. Lucho pulls a gun on her and threatens to shoot if she takes another step, but Madame Costa calls his bluff. Unfortunately, though, Lucho wasn’t bluffing. He pulls the trigger and kills Madame Costa.

Frédéric calls Pierre in a panic and Pierre reassures him that he’s on his way. But before Frédéric can even hang up the phone, he watches as Lucho jumps from the window to his death. Frédéric is barely able to react. Looking out the window at his dead friend, he’s horrified to see that the military has stopped outside of the apartment complex.

Meanwhile, Julie learns some shocking information. Although Victor previously hinted at it, the nurse confirms to Julie that she was pregnant the night she was attacked in the tunnel. That’s not the only shocker though. Julie is able to revisit Mr. Lewanski and learns that Victor/ Louie is not actually his son. He was adopted. A flashback reveals that Victor/Louie just showed up at their door one day.

Episode 6 of “Les Revenants” concludes with Lena leaving the house to get help for her mom and Camille. She begins to grow scared after spotting a couple of the returned, but is relieved to turn around and find her dad and Berg. They return to the house, happy to be reunited. However, they waste no time in hatching a plan to go back to the other side with the living. They don’t make it far. Upon opening the front door, the group discovers that the house is surrounded by the returned.

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