AUSTIN, Texas -- Austin may have been hot, but Nick Wechsler looked as cool as could be while the ATX Television Festival ambassador sporting a sleek, black jacket was strolling up to the red carpet on opening night. After commending the actor on his ability to beat the intense Texas heat, International Business Times talked to Wechsler about another hot topic: the “Revenge” series finale.

The hit ABC drama concluded after four seasons, with its final episode in May. Although the abrupt ending might have shocked some fans -- the cancellation was announced in April -- Wechsler, who portrayed Jack Porter in the Mike Kelley-created series, revealed he “kind of knew” that the show had reached the end of the line.

“I think going into that season we knew [it was going to end],” Wechsler told IBTimes. “But especially at a certain point it was like ... with the way certain things were going, with the direction they were writing things, we could kind of tell.”

For one thing, they killed off Josh Bowman’s beloved character Daniel Grayson in the middle of the fourth season. For another thing, the overall direction of the show appeared to be providing hints that the end was very near for Emily (Emily VanCamp), Jack and the rest of everyone’s favorite Hamptonites, according to Wechsler.

“Basically, I felt like the things they were doing, we were writing ourselves into a spot that was hard to get out of,” Wechsler said. “There were indicators all along. This season, we had our first clip show -- I think, ‘Our first clip show?’ -- and fans were like, ‘What’s this clip show about? Is the show ending?’ And like you said, we got rid of characters, we just started killing characters off.”

It was a bloody end to an even bloodier season. Luckily for Wechsler, his character and VanCamp’s character managed to make it out of the chaos alive. The two star-crossed lovers wound up getting hitched in the final episode, “Two Graves,” before sailing out into the sunset -- literally. But the actor dished to IBTimes that the romantic ending wasn’t what he had wanted for his character.

Check back to see what Wechsler wanted to see happen in the series finale of “Revenge.”