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About 80% of the workforce globally are deskless workers, or what we now call as frontliners. This means 2.7 billion people worldwide aren’t chained to their desks and have to interact directly with people, infrastructures and machines. However, the future of work seems to move towards the minority of desk-based workers, with a plethora of software and apps being developed at a rapid pace, especially during the onset of COVID-19.

However, despite being up on their feet, the majority of the workforce is still on mobile. So, there needs to be more software, apps and online tools that cater to this demographic. A holistic approach is needed to help deskless workers feel more engaged and well, appreciated.

In fact, only 56% of deskless workers in the U.S. feel engaged with their company. This is worrisome because a lack of connection with their employers could drive a younger generation of frontliners to look for opportunities elsewhere.

What deskless workers lack support in is from the tech industry. While numerous apps are created for the convenience of consumers, it feels lacking for manufacturers and retailers. In fact, in a survey conducted by TalentCards, 59% of deskless workers receive training online. However, only 68% actually remember the training a month after completion.

This is why TalentCards offers employers a platform to create quick, enjoyable and successful training programs for the deskless workforce.

TalentCards brings training to anyone anywhere
TalentCards brings training to anyone anywhere talentcards.com

What is TalentCards?

Traditional training of employees is long and drawn out which can be tedious and even boring. A negative training experience can make it harder to retain salient points and required skills. If training can be made enjoyable without excessive commitment and be more accessible, wouldn’t it be more impactful?

Enter TalentCards, a Learning Management Software that offers so much more. TalentCards is a mobile app that lets employers build microlearning courses in minutes that can be accessed by employees through their smartphones. But more than that, it’s an all-around solution to the lack of technology in the deskless workforce and outdated training methods in these respective fields.

Here are 30 facts you should know about TalentCards:

TalentCards Infographic-01
10 best features of TalentCards IBTimes.com

1. TalentCards offers an online solution to training

About 35% of deskless workers in the U.S. receive their training offline. However, with the onset of COVID-19, it has become more difficult to execute face-to-face training methods. TalentCards brings all of the important bits of training online to a Learning Management Software that’s beneficial to both employers and employees.

2. Provides high-impact training

Training your employees isn’t always a sure shot when it comes to actual application on the field. Online training during these times could be reduced to a series of dreary video conferences or lengthy videos. TalentCards provides training that will stick with your employees.

3. Promises low and flexible time commitment

When it comes to training your employees, there is usually a set date and time that they will need to mark out of their already busy schedules to receive introductory or advancement training. TalentCards allows employees to be flexible with their learning without giving up hours in a day.

Statistics on Deskless Workers
Statistics on Deskless Workers IBTimes.com

4. Makes training accessible from anywhere

If employees could access their training program and materials from wherever they are, process becomes more effective and efficient.

Deskless workers are not chained to their desks and will most probably be mobile. In fact, 78% prefer to complete training while on the job, while 30% prefer it done at home, 10% while on break, and another 10% while commuting. TalentCards provides accessible training that employees can access via smartphone.

5. Offers offline viewing

Of course, deskless workers will be on the go. That means they could be deployed to areas that lack a strong internet connection or cell signal. To remedy this, TalentCards allows workers to train directly via its mobile app but also download the content for offline viewing. Vital information is literally at the touch of their fingertips, especially in critical situations.

TalentCards offers a variety of training solutions
TalentCards offers a variety of training solutions talentcards.com

6. Engages employees through an interactive learning system

Apart from its convenience, the TalentCards app is fun to use because it is fully interactive. Employers can upload images, diagrams, illustrations, hyperlinks, audio and video clips to create a more engaging training experience that employees will look forward to. All at their own pace.

7. Gamifies the training process

Make learning and training something to look forward to and watch completion rates increase every day by turning on gamification in the TalentCards app. Your employees can also earn points for every completed quiz or card set.

The app also features a leadership board where employees can compete for rankings. Gamification within the app also makes it perfect for teachers looking to engage students in their lessons.

TalentCards' gamification of learning increases engagement
TalentCards' gamification of learning increases engagement talentcards.com

8. Leverages the power of microlearning

To be honest, even you would rather have bite-sized facts and information instead of getting your information from a bulk of pages in a manual. That’s because microlearning allows better retention and comprehension of information as compared to the traditional way of learning. About 80% of employees want their training short and sweet, yet consistent. This means they prefer shorter training sessions but at regular intervals rather than a long training event that happens only once.

9. Creates concentrated training

Through the app, information is designed to be communicated in bite-sized units that are easy to remember. As courses are created, employers have access to the online card editor where they can build laser-focused training. Choose between a single or double-sided card that only has enough space for vital information, leaving out any unnecessary excess.

10. Makes training easy to absorb and remember

It’s been proven that the method of spaced repetition can actually guide an individual to master knowledge. TalentCards app uses this exact approach in mastering the training process. The app can identify where users are having a difficult time and adjusts the training accordingly. Employees can spend time improving on problem areas instead of the topics they’ve already mastered.

11. Allows measurable results through quizzes

On the side of the employer, you can find out if your employees have mastered certain aspects of the training through short quizzes which they must pass before proceeding to the next set of microlearning cards. Quizzes can come in the form of a standard multiple-choice or a gamified version that allows users to gain a number of points within a given time limit.

12. Offers learning from the comfort of your own device

Around 74% of deskless workers feel comfortable completing training using their personal mobile devices. TalentCards gives users this very same comfort. With everything accessible through its mobile app, training cards can be learned and quizzes can be taken from their own smartphones or tablets. Employees don’t need a bulky training manual or feel compelled to test their training knowledge in the company’s desktops.

Statistics on Technology and Deskless Workers
Statistics on Technology and Deskless Workers IBTimes.com

13. Empowers users to overcome language barriers

Training should be available to each and every employee. A training manual that’s mass-produced in English may not be inclusive to other employees with a different mother tongue. And with deskless workers saying that added training would help them feel more connected to the company’s values and goals, it’s important that everyone has the proper opportunity to train. TalentCards is available in over 13 languages so that users can focus on learning the content and not on searching for the translations.

14. Notify users as needed

TalentCards app allows the creators to send a push notification once a new set of cards or quiz has been released or updated. Users will be directly notified on their smartphones instantly.

This beats emailing, mass texting or DM-ing employees which could get lost among a pile of digital documents leaving it unseen or unopened. So even if they’re on the go, rest assured they’ll see vital notifications in real-time.

15. Creates a daily habit for training

Through microlearning techniques, TalentCards makes training compact, enjoyable and completely accessible. Instead of a long-drawn-out singular training session, training can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes every day to retain vital job information and apply it as needed. Its spaced-repetition algorithm displays cards that are unfamiliar more frequently to help master more difficult material.

Need for Tech for Deskless Workers
Need for Tech for Deskless Workers IBTimes.com

16. Streamlines administrative tasks

Save time adding users and uploading information one by one. Invite and import multiple users straight into your portal in one go. Sync user and employee details from external files and systems in just a few clicks. Once present, user information can be sorted accordingly by category and even assigned tags for easy filing and filtering.

17. Offers customizable training

TalentCards lets you customize content and even branding. Place your company’s logos and colorways to reflect your branding without having to create a training app or software from scratch.

18. Measures user engagement

TalentCards offers data analysis to quantify the engagement of its users instead of manually gathering performance data and inputting that into a database. It provides a quick overview and detailed reports which can be scheduled, viewed and exported for your convenience. Through these analytics, you can take a deeper look at user performance, progress, completion and overall engagement in the learning process.

19. Consolidates all vital information through integrations

Integrate hundreds of apps in the system through Zapier, including Google Sheets, Asana and Slack, to name a few. Streamline the workflow into TalentCards’ main software so learners and employers don’t have to juggle multiple apps during the training process. TalentCards also natively integrates with other learning management systems, particularly TalentLMS and eFront.

20. Allows workflow automation through commands

TalentCards allows automation commands so that you can get over redundant administrative tasks and have more time focusing on creating engaging training content. It allows administrators to assemble a set of rules within the platform to automate the assigning of cards, sending out of notifications, and the frequency of resetting user progress. Save time and effort through automated solutions.

TalentCards offers automation for admin tasks and notifications
TalentCards offers automation for admin tasks and notifications talentcards.com

21. Enables you to maximize the ROI of your training

Reinforcement training is important for employees to retain critical information. Employees can forget up to 80% of the initial training content in the first 31 days without any reinforcement. And if employers have already invested in the first phase of the training, post-training support becomes a necessity to battle the forgetting curve and to maximize investments.

22. Supports easy onboarding

With a simple one-step implementation, users can forego complicated software navigation. Simply have employees download the app and type in the code provided by the employers to enter the company’s portal. Once employees have the app, it is easy to use and explore because of its simple interface. They can go back to a set of cards to refresh their memory and learn at their own pace.

23. Ensures that private data is private and secure

TalentCards has certifications to ensure that it is following security protocols of the highest international standards. The software is exclusively hosted on Amazon Web Services that’s known for its data centers that withstand all types of threats. It also ensures app security and internal security by continuous checks and updates.

24. Has been used and trusted by companies

TalentCards has been used and trusted by industry leaders in all types of training for their employees. It has its fair share of success stories for both large companies and start-ups.

TalentCards reviews from companies that have used it
TalentCards reviews from companies that have used it talentcards.com
  • The Schindler Group faced the challenge of training employees spread out across different locations and between various job positions. It used TalentCards to support workers while on the job to communicate critical information quickly and effectively. Over 90% of employees preferred it over another LMS for training and they now train over 5,000 frontliners in Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica through the app.
  • Alcon needed a way to reinforce and retain their initial training sessions after finding that in-person training was not enough, nor was one-time training events. Its management turned to TalentCards to reinforce the training of their salespeople that fit within their schedule. It has since seen an increase in learning engagement, especially through the gamification of training with employees wanting it for themselves rather than the management pushing it on them.
  • Welkoop needed a smarter and more efficient way to train its employees for its product line, especially because much of its product line for gardening and pet supplies is seasonal. Employees were staying after work hours for training and had to remember an overwhelming amount of product information. It turned to TalentCards to solve this which slashed the cost of training, removed the need to rely on suppliers for training, and no longer kept employees after work. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

25. Helps various industries with frontline workers

TalentCards offers training solutions for all types of industries that rely on deskless workers. It offers specific aspects of training that can help particular industries.

Industries that will benefit from TalentCards
Industries that will benefit from TalentCards IBTimes.com

Manufacturing - Make safety training a daily habit with bite-sized information and quizzes. Reduce not only training costs but the risk of errors and accidents as well with better knowledge retention.

Food and Beverage - Food handlers need to be trained with proper health and safety protocols so making it a part of their workday without sacrificing extra time and effort on their part is something they can easily get aboard on with. All they’ll need is their smartphones.

Software and Tech - The outdated software of companies can be the culprit behind a declining engagement rate in training. Refresh and renew that system with microlearning courses that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Retail - Keep staff on the floor doing their jobs without the need to keep them overtime for training sessions. Provide them training on the company’s product line, processes and more while reducing training costs.

Healthcare - Don’t risk face-to-face contact and put the safety of frontline workers at risk for training or an update on training. Keep healthcare professionals up-to-date with the latest vital information in the health industry.

Consulting - Outdated software can make any trainer look bad. By leveraging the latest training technology, consultants can stay up-to-date and deliver training courses that not only stand out but are memorable.

26. Enroll in its free plan

Its free plan can accommodate up to 5 users and is perfect for individuals and small businesses looking to refresh training material and retain what they’ve learned from training sessions.

The free plan offers multiple content type support, meaning you can create cards with attached images, videos, links and audio files. Push notifications, in-app branding, multiple language support and offline access for users are also available.

The free plan has no time limit so you can use it for as long as you need to without having to reach for your credit card.

TalentCards Pricing and Plans
TalentCards Pricing and Plans IBTimes.com

27. Consider upgrading to its Standard plan

If you need to upgrade, TalentCards also offers a Standard plan that can accommodate up to 50 users. The Standard plan is affordably priced at $50/ month plus $1 extra per additional user.

This plan is perfect for medium-sized companies looking to train their deskless employees more efficiently while cutting training costs.

The Standard plan includes everything in the free plan plus a few more perks including video file upload and storage which stays in the TalentCards cloud; SMS invitation; custom user fields which lets you create custom user attributes to organize users by role and department, among others; unlimited admin accounts; and public API so you can integrate TalentCards with third-party systems.

28. Maximize training with its Premium plan

If you want the cream of the crop, TalentCards offers a Premium plan that can accommodate up to 50 users. It is priced at $75/ month plus an extra $1.50 per additional user. This is perfect for companies who want to get serious about training their frontliners.

The Premium plan has everything the Standard plan offers plus automation for email and push notifications, set card assignments, report downloads and scheduled reports. It laso features an activity log that tracks all admin activity, including creating, editing and deleting card sets, users and groups. It's also your very own success manager (only for 200 or more users).

29. 47% of deskless workers believe budget constraints hinder their companies from providing them with better technology

That’s why TalentCards offers a free plan with no time limit that smaller companies can try out and use indefinitely. Bigger companies can upgrade to better plans like the Standard and Premium ones but both are ultimately more affordable than most training technology and software on the market. In fact, many companies have used TalentCards to boost training engagement and knowledge retention while effectively slashing training costs.

30. Save up to 20% by paying annually

By opting to get billed yearly, companies get to save up to 20% off on paid plans. The Standard plan only comes out to $40/ month if you opt to pay annually and $0.80 per additional user for up to 50 users. The Premium plan comes out to just $60/ month if you opt to pay annually and $1.20 per additional user for up to 50 users.

TalentCards Annual Savings
TalentCards Annual Savings IBTimes.com

TalentCards is a mobile training platform focused on microlearning to help the deskless workforce learn and retain critical job information through the technology of cloud-based software and the convenience of their smartphones. It presents a cost-efficient solution to training and post-training reinforcement in numerous industries that employ frontline workers.