As has been aptly said by one of his Facebook fans: “Little in his last name but a GIANT on the NET.”

It’s been almost five days now, yet the craze over the “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” doesn’t seem about to fizzle out. In fact, it is leading to a new Internet frenzy.

Little would not have imagined even in his wildest dreams that his random images would become an overnight sensation and that is probably why he wants to lay low.

Zeddie Little, 25, just a normal guy running a marathon, became ridiculously famous within minutes after amateur photographer Will King happened to take a few shots of him, uploaded them on Reddit and quickly received a comment- I dub this man 'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’ from a friend.

Within hours, Little became the new Internet meme. His photographs went viral on social media, news, photo sharing sites and thousands of people all round the world liked and commented on his photographs.

Surprisingly, hundreds of fake accounts, pages claiming to be Zeddie Little, emerged overnight on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Fake account moderators asked fans to interact with Little on Tumblr.

Indeed he is photogenic, adorable and captivating, but since he's hardly the only handsome young man in the world, there has been a backlash as well.

This 25-year-old has charmed almost everyone who looked at his pictures. In fact, his charismatic persona and lovely smile have won the hearts of millions, including many gay and lesbian people.

People have posted hilarious posts on his account.

“Oh god, I was always gay. Now, I know why,” posted a fan on Facebook, adding, “Zeddie is so beautiful… He is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen.”

“Well... now I have to tell my girlfriend that Iam gay..” wrote another.

“I'm a lesbian and you make me giggle with pleasure :3,” his Facebook subscriber, Izzie Wills, posted.

Axel Winnberg wrote, “You made me gay: D And I don't regret s**t!”

Another follower, Momiji Valentine, wrote: “i am so gay for you.”

“There is nothing like lesbian just girls who didnt know zeddie little,” a fan said.

Bjórn Leiðólfr wrote, “I love you. I am not a clever man, but one thing I know, Is that if I was gay, I would love you more, but sadly I am not.”

Well, even though his sudden fame has stumped many, this ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” has definitely been the source of much pleasure to a countless numbers worldwide.